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Saban still trying to manage tempo offense

Interesting comments from Nick Saban on tempo offense today. He still complains about it but seems to have embraced it with his offensive coordinator, Lane Kiffin. Saban: “I think it’s important that if we’re going to be a no-huddle team

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Freeze on Finebaum

I wasn’t able to get it all, but here are the highlights from Paul Finebaum’s interview with Hugh Freeze. There was some initial chit-chat about the weather and the 2013 season before the got onto the proposed rule change. All

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Freeze’s bye week study

During last week’s bye week Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze told us he’d spend time looking at other tempo offenses to see if he could find ways to tweak his own. He watched a lot of video of Oregon and

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Tempo offense wins and losses

A reader emailed over the weekend and asked a tempo offense question, specifically, how does the number of plays run factor into wins and losses. Well, just looking at the opening weekend of SEC play, the team that ran more

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Thursday Morning Update

Spanning the globe on a Thursday morning … Forbes tells us how much Johnny Manziel can expect to lose in potential NFL dollars each time he’s kicked out of a frat party. It’s no small amount. Not to be outdone

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Malzahn, Bielema spar over tempo

The tempo offense question has been a hot topic for two days, and I suspect that won’t change today. Alabama coach Nick Saban is in the rotation, and Saban kind of got this discussion started some time ago. He opposes

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