Itawamba school district and ICC partner for dual enrollment program

School BellItawamba County high schools and Itawamba Community College are teaming up to offer students a chance to get a jump on their college careers.

Starting this coming school year, area high schools will be offering a dual enrollment program … a special program that allows students to be simultaneously enrolled in both high school and community college. Participants may earn up to 30 credit hours this way.

For the fall 2013 semester, Itawamba schools will be offering a government course as part of the dual enrollment program; in the spring, students can choose from psychology and/or college algebra. Students who complete these classes will be given both high school and college credit.

In order for these classes to meet at a given high school, at least 20 students must enroll. Students were notified about the program prior to the end of the school year. Those interested in signing up can do so by dropping by their high school office.

Dual enrollment students are, in effect, simultaneously high school and college students and must abide by the rules and regulations of both their respective high schools and the community college. These include everything from the attendance policy to course prerequisites to each school’s code of conduct.

The cost to participate is $100 per student (basically, tuition for the semester), but books and supplemental materials needed to complete the course — oftentimes just as, if not more, expensive than tuition — will be provided by the high school. Students who maintain a C average in the dual enrollment courses will also be awarded a $250 ICC scholarship for each three-hour course they complete.

In order to be eligible for the program, a student must have completed 12 core high school units and kept a GPA of 2.5. He or she must also have an ACT composite score of 16. The student must also have a written recommendation from his or her high school principal or counselor.

With tuition prices on the rise, Itawamba County Superintendent of Education Michael Nanney believes the dual enrollment program is a great deal for students who were planning to enroll at the community college anyway. It offers an inexpensive way for the county’s high school students to get a jump on their college work.

“This is a great deal for the students,” Nanney said. “It allows them to receive college credits for a great price. We’re thankful to ICC for offering this to our students.”

Area schools will be back in session on Aug. 7.,

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  • Anna

    Way to go Itawamba County School Board and ICC!! This is such a great opportunity for the students!! I took College Algebra ten years ago during the summer before my senior year at IAHS and the cost for the class alone was $300, and I had to buy the book in addition to that! I would have loved to have had this opportunity. I hope the students take advantage of this great service that is being offered to them! 🙂