Wildlife officer killed in Fulton




Cody Weaver, 19, of Fulton, is being charged with negligent homicide for the death of MDWFP Master Sgt. John Collum, 56, of Fulton.

Itawamaba County Sheriff Chris Dickinson said they believe Weaver was traveling about 75 miles per hour when he collided with Collum on John Rankin Highway while Collum was investigating a prowler.


By JB Clark

Daily Journal

FULTON – An officer with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks was killed in the line of duty Friday night.

Master Sgt. John Collum, 56, of Fulton, was investigating a prowler on John Rankin Highway around 10 p.m. when he was struck by a 2002 Nisan Sentry.

Itawamba County Sheriff Chris Dickinson said the 19-year-old driver of the car remained at the scene and has been taken into custody where he is awaiting charges.

The car is suspected to have been traveling at a high rate of speed, because the skid marks in the road are 300 feet long, from the point of impact to the location where the vehicle finally came to a stop.

Dickinson said officers are sorting through evidence to see if there are any other factors that would lead to any additional charges but expect to charge the young man within the next few days.

Collum was a 15-year veteran of the MDWFP and was named the 2012 Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Officer of the Year, placing him at the top of a 17-state area.

  • Barbara Collum

    Goodbye big brother. You know I love you. My thouhts and prayers are with Karen, Shae, and Seth. I know you will be looking over them.

  • james

    speeding is common place on that road and nothing has ever been done. the fulton police, sheriff’s department and highway patrol know and do nothing. collum was a speeder himself, always flying up and down the road. maybe if the krause’ had called the cops instead, this might have been avoided. but with the illegal activity going on at the residence, can’t risk a cop showing up to look for a prowler. a big thumbs up to local law enforcement, way to not do your jobs, AGAIN.

    • Mm

      U need to know the fact about people before you talk shit and we know who u are and the best thing you need to do is pray to god the you can clean your shelf up and stop talking trash about other those people are the best people that you can ever know and it not drug at their house the man is in a wheelchair and he work on cb’s for a lot of people and that why all the people come in and out there and if there was drugs there the cops would have found them when thru were that ask them about what happen and see if you knew what you was talking about you wouldn’t been on here talk crap so have a good life think you know all about other people when you are the dope head and your day will come so god bless

    • jenn1101

      I absolutely agree the law enforcement is a total joke with terry johnson being at the top of the list there is so much crap going on that is trying to be covered up or kept hush hush that it is discusting this is why i moved from the county that i was born and raised in for 35 years instead of investigating the people who are really causing the problems they are harrassing the people who are just trying to get by and live their lives

  • Concerned

    There is never a police presence on this road. Plenty of speeding, drugs and garabage thrown on the sides of the road all the way to the county line. Once our sherrif crosses the river going home he does not look back, unless he stumbles accross the pportunity to get this picture on the news.

    • guest

      There is plenty of speeding, drugs and garbage on every road in America. The only person that could stop this would be your candidate, right? You are very disingenuous with those remarks and anyone can see through you.

    • guest

      You need to learn how to spell SHERIFF. It might not make you more credible but it might make you seem more intelligent.

  • RTR

    The police department should have responded to the call instead of asking Collum to check for a prowler. It’s also common knowledge that the “North” road has been troublesome for decades for traffic fatalities, accidents. It’s also the responsibility of Fulton’s administration for not posting speed limit signs up to the city limits. Then the county is responsible up to the county line. This has gone on decades so each and every administration til now should be responsible. If it were my family involved in this, an it being common knowledge that the North road has had countless accidents and deaths for decades, then I would sue the city of Fulton and Itawamba County for negligence. Just my honest opinion.