Indian Players to sell props, costumes this weekend


Want to own a piece of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? Or a bit of Oz? Now’s the chance.

The IAHS Indian Players will be selling props and costumes from their previous plays on Oct. 17 to help raise money for future productions. The group will be set up in the parking lot of the old Fulton Grammar School from 6 a.m. until noon.

Items will include everything from backgroup props to materials used to create elaborate costumes.

Although the group reuses as much as possible from production to production, Indian Players head Victoria Blake said the number of props and costumes the group has amassed over the years has gotten a little out of hand.

“We have so much stuff and no storage,” she explained.

They’re hoping the sale will help them clear out some of the excess and earn a little cash to help with future productions like next year’s “The Sound of Music.”

Speaking of which, roles for the production, scheduled to open in early March, have been largely cast … sometimes more than once. Several major parts were double-cast this year, a testament to the popularity of the productions and the talent they attract. Blake said having multiple actors in a role helps when the play is booked for several consecutive nights.

“If you go on to do professional theater, that’s the way it’s done,” she said.

On the nights an actor isn’t playing his or her primary role, he or she will still be on stage, performing some smaller part.

The cast includes Kayley Phillips and Mady Everhart as the flighty nanny, Maria (who is a problem no nun knows how to solve); Andrew Stanton plays the uptight Captain Georg von Trapp and Emma Murphree as the Mother Abbess (who is forever trying to solve a problem like Maria).

The group will start memorizing the music and learning the choreography later this month. By Christmas, they’ll have learned the blocking.

Blake said she’s excited about this year’s production. “The Sound of Music” is a classic, its songs as ingrained in popular culture as those of the Players’ past productions like “Grease” and “Willy Wonka.” It takes a talented bunch to live up to people’s familiarity and love of the characters, stories and music.

Good thing her students have proved themselves up to the challenge year after year.

“It just seems like every year, these kids come back more and more prepared,” she said.

The Sound of Music full cast list

Note: Several roles have yet to be cast. Those have been left off this list.

Maria – Kayley Phillips and Mady Everhart

Sister Berthe – Grace Gaddy

Sister Margaretta – Erin Stanphill

Sister Sophia – Paige Sheffield

The Mother Abbess – Emma Murphree

Nuns – Stephanie Heatherly, Callen Cook, Skylar Timms, Abigail Dunn

Captain Georg von Trapp – Andrew Stanton

Liesl von Trapp – Katie Stanley and Valerie Blake

Friedrich von Trapp -Noah Locastro

Louisa von Trapp – Sara Grace Boggs and Kaitlyn Harden

Kurt von Trapp – Brodie Darracott and William Blake

Brigitta von Trapp – Madison Weston and Mia Grace Moore

Marta von Trapp – Presley Quinn and Lia Darracott

Gretl von Trapp – Lily Morris and Mary Grace Wallace

Rolf Gruber – Grant Adams and Adam Whitten

Max Detweiler – Adam Whitten and Grant Adams

Goat – William Blake and Brodie Darracott

Girl In The Pale Pink Coat – Kaitlyn Harden and Sara Grace Boggs

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