Qualifying opens for municipal elections


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Qualifying has begun for upcoming municipal elections, albeit slowly.

Last week signaled the first potential candidates could register to run in the May 2 municipal primaries in Fulton, Mantachie and Tremont, although only a handful of people have elected to do so, thus far.

In Fulton, Democratic Party candidates for aldermen include incumbent Hayward Wilson and Willie J. Holley vying for Ward 1, incumbent Joey Steele for Ward 3, Steven Steele for Ward 4 and incumbent Liz Beasley for alderman-at-large. On the Republican side, Corey Shotts has qualified to run for Ward 3, and Brad Chatham has qualified for Ward 4.

Acting Ward 4 alderman Barry Childers has qualified to run as mayor.

Current mayor Lynette Weatherford has indicated she doesn’t plan to run for re-election.

Will you vote in the upcoming municipal elections?

  • Yes (67%, 10 Votes)
  • No (27%, 4 Votes)
  • Maybe (7%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 15

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As of Monday afternoon, neither Mantachie nor Tremont had received any qualifying candidates.

Following the primary, a runoff election, should one be needed, is scheduled for May 16. The general election will be held on June 6.

Winning candidates will take office on July 3.

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Itawamba County city clerks are requesting voters who have moved during the past election cycle to contact their respective city halls and ensure their wards have not changed to guarantee a smooth voting process on May 2. Contact Fulton City Hall at 862-4929 or Mantachie Town Hall at 282-7949.

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  • Gordie Macivor

    Goodness Gracious!!I hope the 2 people that voted no to the question if they are going to vote in the upcoming elections that they are underage(non voting age)cause if you are voting age and said no,then why cast your vote to the question?Voting is as easy as you just did and hitting the no response.Voting is not overwhelming,it’s a privledge and a honor to do so,not just in Itawamba county but anywhere you go.I hope that the Itawambians come out full force and swinging by casting their vote.I believe the elections are in May,well this gives you the time to know the candidates,and their message they have,it’s time to rise,educate yourselves with your candidates in your district,don’t just go vote either without thought or cause you may be familiar with a certain name,actually investigate all of the political people running,you may be surprised what they can do for you,and for your county or your town.I came to Fulton,back in 2011 to live,and goodness gosh darn it,I fell in love with it,it has so much potential,a personality that will grow deep in your heart,and I been in the surrounding towns as well like Amory,treemont,Dorsey etc etc,these places are remarkable to me,kind of like a diamond in the rough,they just need a little polishing,then taadaa you will have something even greater.In conclusion,that’s why I ask you to know the candidates in your district,study them,and yes ,you have time to do so,and pick someone that you will agree with to lift your town even higher,so the dear Lord can bless it faster.People it’s all in your hands,your vote matters,NOW VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh yea,I am Gordie MacIvor,and I approve this message.