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Photo feature: Popping popcorn

Piezons of Fulton owner Stan Miller added freshly-popped gourmet popcorn to his menu two years ago and has slowly grown that portion of his business since then. It’s his go-to item to help with local fundraisers, offering to allow churches, schools and civic organizations to sell bags of the popcorn and keep a majority of […]

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‘Try is a three-letter word’

By ADAM ARMOUR News Coordinator Nothing about cancer is easy. Wonda Cromeans can attest to that. Cromeans said the discovery that she had breast cancer came as a total, devastating shock. Not that anyone’s ever expecting to be told they have breast cancer, but it really was the furthest thing from Cromeans’ mind when she […]

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Eating Out with Jeff Jones

By ADAM ARMOUR News Coordinator Five minutes before they open to welcome the lunchtime crowd, Dorsey’s Jeff Jones is already peering through the glass doors of Tupelo’s Forklift restaurant, hands cupped just beneath the brim of his trademark white paper braid fedora to block the reflection. He comments on what he sees … the look […]

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Fulton’s Peden faced cancer without tears

By ADAM ARMOUR News Coordinator Caroline Peden isn’t the type of person to cry when she’s pinched. Even if that pinch is really painful. Take, for example, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. It’s the kind of news that could tear just about anyone to shreds, emotionally. Not Peden. She didn’t […]

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Della Jean’s nest of birdhouses

By ADAM ARMOUR News Coordinator The first thing Della Jean Morris does on any given day in her workshop is turn on the radio. She demonstrates by punching the power button on an amplifier older than a high school senior. As music comes crackling from a set of bookshelf speakers, practically buried in sawdust and […]

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Ed needs whiskey

“If you need to remember how to pronounce it, just think, ‘I need whiskey,’” says Ed Nedweski, tapping his last name on the front of the business card for Ed’s Used Tires in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he hasn’t lived in more than 13 years. “Flip it over,” the 75-year-old Fulton man orders. There’s mischief in […]

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Horse sense: Fulton girl bonds with equestrian buddy

As soon as Lillianna Chumney was in the saddle, Tux’s entire demeanor changed. Not that he was slouching before, but the young paint horse’s ears perked noticeably, forming right angles with his nose. His tail curved upward, and when he trotted, it was as if he hoped to knee the clouds themselves. If he had […]

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In this file photo, a Mantachie Fest vendor creates a variety of novelty signs. (Photo by Adam Armour)

Mantachie Fest gets new look, focus on growth

One look at the poster reveals this year’s Mantachie Fest is aiming to be something a little different. Painted in earthy oranges and blues, with bold white and navy lettering, the poster feels as if it’s promoting a major metropolitan shindig rather than a community festival that’s been held in Mantachie every September for nearly […]

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Provincial planters pick peas for pleasure

It’s 8 a.m. on a hot Thursday morning, and J.D. Hale and Johnny Jarrell are hunched over in a field in northern Itawamba County, picking peas. They’ve been at it since 5:30 and will continue to be at it for another couple of hours, the great, burning eye of the sun glaring down on the […]

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Among the tombstones of Oak Grove Cemetery

Like most old cemeteries – and with its origins dating back to 1839, this is certainly one of Itawamba County’s oldest – Oak Grove Cemetery is a peaceful place. The silence of the graveyard’s rolling hills and stoic markers is only occasionally disrupted by the sound of wind whispering to the leaves on the branches […]

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Master Gardeners earn state award for Welcome Center project

The Itawamba County Master Gardeners’ efforts to make the local Welcome Center a little more pleasing to the eye has earned the group statewide accolades. The Master Gardeners were recently awarded the Outstanding Project Award for a small group by the Mississippi Master Gardener Association (MMGA) for their ongoing project beautifying the Mississippi Welcome Center […]

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Fulton man transforms wood waste into model buildings

There’s a small shed behind Carl West’s home where the 83-year-old often spends hours building model barns, houses and the like out of old wood. It’s a cramped space. A small table saw blocks the main entrance, requiring a contortionist’s skill to pass. To the left is West’s workbench, perpetually covered in sawdust; to the […]

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Parent of the Year: ‘Just try to do your best’

Lisa Darracott has yet to decipher the secret to being a great parent. Despite having the title of Itawamba County School District’s Parent of the Year, she’s still trying to crack the formula. “I’m still trying to figure it out,” the 33-year-old mother of three said. She’s obviously doing something right. Darracott won the title […]

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The critters of Creekside

Along with the typical ebb and flow of regular four-legged patients, Creekside Clinic in Fulton is a permanent home to a menagerie of creatures both common and uncommon. No fewer than four felines, an overweight guinea pig, a frivolous ferret, a transgendered bearded dragon and one cranky middle-aged blue crested Amazon (that’s a type of parrot) […]

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