“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” – Mahatma Gandhi “Blessed are the pacemakers.” – Charles D. Mitchell ––––– From my Arizona-born mother, I inherited much – an […]

Last week there was a jubilee on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This was great news. I have been in South Mississippi for 53 years and a lot of that time was spent in and around the beaches and bayous of the Mississippi Coast and I have never heard of a jubilee down there. Up until […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal Pope Francis, in a declaration on June 18, took a historic step in acknowledging the phenomenon of climate change as a scientific reality. The pontif called on first world nations to engage in dialogue on caring for the earth. The 184-page encyclical, “Laudato Si” or “Praise be to You,” also […]

One of the pleasures of living in town is that everything is close by. For years we lived out on the prairie in Chickasaw County, miles from everything. If you got a craving for Gummi Bears, you had to ask yourself if you wanted them badly enough to put out the fire, hitch up the […]

By Michaela Gibson Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Don’t let mosquitoes crash your Fourth of July celebrations. There haven’t been any cases of West Nile Virus confirmed in Mississippi so far this summer, but unfortunately the potentially fatal virus is well-established in the state. “Last year we had more than 40 cases and seven deaths,” […]

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Robbie and Sid Dendy of Houston.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal HOUSTON – It’s hard to walk through Robbie and Sid Dendy’s yard without getting distracted. Just when you’re headed to check out a bottle tree covered in recycled insulators, you notice a porch post peppered in old keys. A firepit to the right, surrounded by chairs made from old tractor […]

More homes are sold during the spring and summer than are ever sold in the fall and winter – more than twice as many. Chances are if you are selling yours, you’ll want it to look good, stand out from all the others and sell fast, fast, fast. There are two questions buyers ask themselves […]

No time to enjoy your garden in the daylight hours? Try planting a garden for evening pleasure. The concept of planting a garden for the evening is not a new idea as it has been practiced for hundreds of years. It is, however a new concept for many of us who plant mostly for daytime […]

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal The Lee County Extension Office will offer the following interactive video programs. Each session will be held at noon at the Extension Office at 5338 Cliff Gookin Blvd. in Tupelo. • Vermicomposting 101 will be offered July 23. Kandiace Gray, extension associate for plant and soil sciences, will show you […]