On an evening in early March the Earth Lady will venture out onto her front porch and take delight in listening to the male, amphibian chorus of Spring Peepers reverberating from the nearby bog. After a long, cold winter, this nocturnal serenade, just like the first daffodil or purple martin, is a sure sign that […]

Gardening is fun, invigorating and therapeutic but a little warning about some of our plants is wise. Many plants have a built-in mechanism to protect them from herbivorous animals, such as a chemical the plant can release or with stickers, burrs, spines and needles. While most plants are not poisonous, many can be irritating to […]

It seems that crape myrtles face a lot of dangers this time of year.Many still face “crape murder,” or being butchered by having their branches improperly cut off at the same place every year. A novice gardener sees a so-called “professional” landscape company do it, so they think they need to cut their own crape […]

Everyone has that favorite TV show that just didn’t quite find its niche in primetime and went the way of the dinosaurs. Whether it was “Firefly,” “Community,” “Arrested Development” or some other series that was gone too soon, everyone has felt that disappointment when they find out that “their show” is gone. On Tuesday, it […]

By W. Derek Russell Daily Journal TUPELO – Disney’s “purr-fect” musical, “The Aristocats” is for all ages, but the kids are the ones having fun with it. Pied Piper Players’ latest children’s show will bring the music, laughs, and felines from the 1970 classic to audiences this weekend. “It’s a pretty faithful adaptation,” said co-director […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal I suspect “The Gunman” had the capacity to be a standout movie because it works as an action flick, and I wanted to see how everything played out. It stars Sean Penn as Terrier, a government contractor who’s good at killing people, and generally looks good while doing it. […]

By W. Derek Russell Daily Journal OXFORD – The so-called “pope of trash” will be making his first ever journey to Oxford this weekend. Writer, director, photographer, and all-around artist John Waters has a new one-man show where he, or, at least a version of him, tells it like it is. “I’m playing myself,” Waters […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal HOLLY SPRINGS – The saga of Graceland Too continues after being auctioned off at the end of January. In May, the contents of the home-turned-Elvis museum will once again hit the auction block. Back in January, the first two lots up for bidding were Graceland Too owner Paul MacLeod’s two […]

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Some of the offerings on Wednesdays are smothered pork chops, candied yams, purple hull peas and fried okra.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – When Thomas Woods decided to open a restaurant in Tupelo two years ago, he knew just what to call it. Aunt B’s Soul Food Restaurant is named for one of his mother’s sisters, Lula Harris, whom everybody calls B. “My mother had two sisters, Aunt B and Aunt […]