Regina Butler Pontotoc Progress The concept of packing a shoe box-sized bit of joy began in 1993, with one man’s desire to see children in war-torn countries have their spirits lifted – even if just for a moment. The young man, David Cooke of England, called Franklin Graham, the eldest son of Billy and Ruth […]

In a Ted Talk by author Caroline McHugh, she observed, “We come complete, with one true note we were destined to sing.” The talk was titled “The Art of Being Yourself.” McHugh observed that there are two times in our lives when we’re great at being ourselves: when we’re really young, and again when we’re […]

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A half-dozen hummingbirds prepare to light on feeders in Underwood’s backyard.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal ECRU – One spring a few years back, Nancy Underwood put up a couple of hummingbird feeders in her backyard to see if she could attract some of the tiny creatures. “I had a few hummingbirds, so the next year I put up a few more,” said Underwood, 57. “Last […]

I watched a great video last week: Houzz TV’s “How to Paint a Wall Faster.” Paint expert Shauna Gallagher wasn’t painting the way I’d been trained by Sherwin-Williams. Shauna rolled the wall first and then cut in its edges with her brush – instead of brushing paint around the outer edges first and then rolling […]

Many people are interested in having home vegetable and flower gardens, but many urban homes have small lots. Home gardeners in this situation may not think they have enough room. Others, especially inexperienced gardeners, may be discouraged by the amount of time and work required to build a new garden bed. A good solution to […]

The American beautyberry is a very versatile and useful plant. It is a medium-sized deciduous shrub. It helps sustain wildlife, has been used for some medicinal purposes and is quite beautiful. It is also known as French mulberry, American mulberry or sourbush and grows wild, but is also cultivated. It is a native plant that […]

By W. Derek Russell Daily Journal The end of summer usually means two things for TV lovers: Football is back and new episodes of favorite shows are slated to return soon. This year is no different, but as always, there are new shows set to premiere in the coming weeks alongside returning favorites. Here’s a […]

Like many of us, I sometimes end up going down a rabbit hole of the internet. Whether that’s thanks to social media, YouTube, or Wikipedia, the outcome is usually the same: I’m not sure where the past 90 minutes went, but I know I’m not going to be getting them back anytime soon. I’m a […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal Sometimes, the sum equals more than the parts. “Bridget Jones’s Baby” feels that way. There’s some goofy stuff here, like musician Ed Sheeran’s appearance in a couple of early scenes. It’s not bad, except it made me stop and think, Oh, I guess there’ll be Ed Sheeran songs on […]