“Courage can’t see around corners, but goes around them anyway.” – Mignon McLaughlin “The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves – say rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” – Victor Hugo ––––– Later this week I’ll be sitting in the audience at The Lyric to watch Tupelo […]

I am not a barbecue snob. There are plenty of them out there. Barbecue has grown into quite a booming industry. Years ago there were barbecue joints in most Southern towns. I never remember hearing about a barbecue cooking competition before 1983. Maybe they were being held, but it wasn’t the beast it is today. […]

By William Moore Daily Journal TUPELO – The weather cooperated Saturday for the second NOleput festival in downtown Tupelo. Overcast skies and a breeze kept folks cool as they ate boiled crawfish and listened as 18 bands performed on three separate stages into the evening. The crowds were slow to arrive at the New Orleans […]

The Double Decker bus drives around the Oxford Square during The Double Decker Festival on Saturday. (Petre Thomas)

By Jeff Eubanks and Errol Castens Oxford Citizen/Daily Journal OXFORD – The 20th celebration of the Double Decker Arts Festival was far more than its founder had dared to dream of. “I’m not sure I thought 20 years – or even five years – down the road when we planned the first festival. We knew […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal The recognition of saints is one of the hallmarks of the Catholic faith, but it wasn’t a formal process carried out by the Vatican until the 18th century. “Until then it was much more local. A town could just decide someone was a saint,” said Sheila Przesmicki, pastoral minister of […]

When I was in the eighth grade, I was a founding member of a bluegrass boy band. It is a little-known genre. It was 1976, the year of the Bicentennial and the age of velour and macramé. Verona Junior High School staged a talent show that my group was part of. I remember we all […]

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This open terrarium was made in an old wooden chair. JoAnne Kent of Philips Garden Center ripped out the cane, put in chicken wire and built a little ecosystem using ferns, mosses, nephthytis and ajuga.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – JoAnne Kent of Philips Garden Center is determined to make terrariums popular again. “They have become my secret passion,” Kent said. “I’d make them all day long if I could.” Kent was reading a book not long ago in which the subject of terrariums came up. She did […]

April showers have certainly come our way this spring. Yes, the ground is saturated, but there are advantages. For one thing, the roadsides cannot be mowed or sprayed, and as a result, wildflowers abound. And one of the showiest and most spectacular of all of these spring wildflowers is Butterweed, Senecia glabellus. Butterweed, one of […]

Even though we’re still early in spring, we need to get ready for the sweltering temperatures we know are on the way. This means we have to start planting two of my favorite summer plants that pack a powerful punch of summer color: SunPatiens and sun coleus. SunPatiens love growing in full sun during the […]