By Riley Manning Daily Journal As photographer Thomas Wells and I were turning to leave, Philip Lindsey told us he had one more thing to show us. We followed him around the back of the barn. “You can tell I built the barn first, because it looks so bad. I’m no carpenter,” he tells us. […]

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Ryder Warhurst, 7, of Corinth enjoys a ride on the zip-line at the pumpkin patch on Friday at the Tupelo Buffalo Park.

Students from Corinth enjoyed a field trip to the Tupelo Buffalo Park on Friday. The park is hosting its 12th annual pumpkin patch daily through Oct. 31. It features a hay ride, corn maze, kids’ zip-line, duck races, pig/chicken races, pony hops, pumpkin bowling, giant spider web, pick your own pumpkin and more. Park hours […]

By Lena Mitchell Daily Journal Corinth Bureau BOONEVILLE – Eleven-year-old Ryvers Holloway asked her mom weeks ago about donating hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program during October in honor of cancer patients. Her mom, Rochelle Holloway, thought it a great idea. She wondered if Booneville High School, where her son Austin Holloway is on […]

When HGTV first aired (Dec. 1, 1994), who’d have guessed 20 years later it would have some of the most habit-forming shows on TV. Approximately 100 million American households with cable get HGTV and fully 75 percent of its viewers own their home. As one HGTV episode ends, another starts. Viewers watch on average two […]

Today birds are threatened by habitat loss and many of us try to “save” our feathered friends by providing feeders, planting berries or leaving seed-producing weeds or bushes in the backyard. But did you know that you might be breaking the law if you have a bird feeder out back? Revised Rule 2.4 from the […]

Cactus-flowers zinnias, such as this Inca, are very different from traditional zinnias. Each flower displays masses of thin, almost needle-like petals that come in a range of long-lasting flower colors. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/Gary Bachman)

It’s not just people who are happy when temperatures finally start to decrease in the fall. Many summer-flowering annuals that look pretty worn out at Labor Day get a second wind and perk back up. For this reason, late September and October give us some of the best annual color of the entire year. Some […]

Soloist Jeffrey Biegel will perform Camille Saint-Saëns’ “Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 22” with the North Mississippi Symphony Orchestra at Link Centre on Saturday. (Courtesy)

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – The individual pieces of music planned for North Mississippi Symphony Orchestra’s Saturday concert can stand on their own merit. But Musical Director Steven Byess meant for them to go together. He’s calling the night “French Connections,” but there’s an American at the center of it all. “The […]

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Cartron Williams' tornado painting, "Catastrophic."

By Sheena Barnett Daily Journal TUPELO – The dentist’s chair, a sad clown, a hungry crocodile and a devastating tornado are a few of the fears artists have depicted for the Caron Gallery’s new show, “What Scares You?!” Thirteen artists from across the state, including Mary, Cindy Aune, Sam Baldwin, Cartron Williams, Shelley Ozbirn, Jason […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal I think there’s an agenda behind “Fury,” a World War II movie written and directed by David Ayer. That conflict has been called “The Good War,” and the movie makes the case that the Nazis needed to be defeated. It also makes a second case: That killing, even for […]