12Qs with Santa Claus

By Dennis Seid/NEMS Daily Journal

Santa Claus, like children across the world, is counting down the days until Christmas. He was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his hectic schedule to answer a few questions from Business Editor Dennis Seid. And in the spirit of generosity, Dennis and Santa decided to take the usual set of three questions and answers and give you 12, as in the 12 days of Christmas.

Q: You get a lot of cookies when you’re delivering presents. But what’s your favorite?
A: Santa likes cookies of all kinds, but I really like chocolate chip.

Q: So how do you get into homes that don’t have fireplaces, or fireplaces that might be a little small.
A: Santa uses a little Christmas magic to get into every home (he laid a finger by his nose and winked).

Q: Why don’t kids always get what they ask for at Christmas?
A: Well, our toymakers are under a lot of pressure and sometimes they just can’t get everything out. But Santa does try to make sure every child has at least something.

Q: What presents are children asking for the most this year?
A: A Wii, Power Wheels and Barbie. A lot of the standard stuff.

Q:0 What does Santa want for Christmas?
A: Santa wishes for the end of child abuse across the world.

Q: Where do you stay when you’re not talking to children at the mall?
A: We go back and forth every night. I take the letters to Santa back to the North Pole and I check on the elves.

Q: How many helpers do you have?
A: I’ve lost count. We have several thousand at the North Pole and thousands of elves and helpers all over the world.

Q: And what does Mrs. Claus do while you’re gone?
A: She supervises the elves, makes sure everyone is well-fed and things are going smoothly. She’s the brains behind the whole thing.

Q: What are the reindeer doing right now?
A: They have a very busy night on Christmas Eve, so they’re getting well-rested, eating well and getting lots of energy before the big night.

Q: So after Christmas, what does Santa do?
A: It’s a big night, so we take a little time off.

Q: How much time off do you take?
A: We take the month of January off, but then we get right back at it.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to say?
A: Yes. I’m making the lists and checking them twice, and I’m happy to say that the naughty list is very short this year. And I’m looking very forward to visiting all the girls and boys in north Mississippi.
Merry Christmas!

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