A little help: Audience to become part of ‘Beanstalk’ show

By M. Scott Morris / NEMS Daily Journal

CORINTH – The audience will get into the act quickly when Corinth Theatre-Arts presents “Jack and the Beanstalk.”
It opens with a troupe of actors who meet a Magic Keeper. Pretty soon, one actor gets turned into a duck and another gets turned into a cow.
It’s up to the audience to make rain come down, then to invite the sun to shine, then to blow the magic off the two actors.
“It’s a lot of audience participation,” said Mikaela Hancock, co-director. “They also make the beanstalk grow.”
The play is the work of CT-A’s Youth Action Committee. The cast members are teenagers, as are Hancock and co-director Patrick Dixon.
There’s a four-person cast, and they each have a variety of roles to play in “Jack and the Beanstalk.”
In addition to a cow, a chicken and Jack, you’ll get an ogre and his wife, a shyster, a trio named Rick, Bob and Debbie, a hissing snake and more.
“I like the clouds,” Dixon said. “Jack has just climbed up the beanstalk and gotten into the Land of the Strange. These two clouds walk up to him. They have these funny voices and they annoy Jack.”
You might have noticed there’s no giant listed among the characters. That’s a nod to reality.
“The guy playing the ogre is just a little bit taller than Jack,” Hancock said.
The show will be staged at the Coliseum Civic Center in Corinth on Feb. 6. It’ll also tour schools Feb. 22-24.
If you see it, be prepared to make some magic.
“It really keeps the audience involved when they’re communicating with the actors on stage,” Hancock said. “It’s fun.”

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