Abe Lincoln: Vamp Hunter – your thoughts?

So have you had a chance to see “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” yet?

I was a tiny bit nervous going in – after all, it only gets a 36 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. At the same time, I was going to see something called “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” – so what could go wrong?

Forget the critics. I loved it.

I noticed a lot of reviewers yelled at the movie for its lack of “historical accuracy,” but, um, hello, you’re watching something called “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” Of course it’s not historically accurate. Of course it’s gonna be campy and silly. Add it up, it all spells “DUH.”

I just enjoyed how they took a little bit of history and turned it on its head. We all know our dear Mr. Lincoln was a hero, but this movie makes him into a superhero.

I think the film is a total blast, so long as you suspend every single ounce of your disbelief, expect general silliness and just go with it. Don’t question it or try to look for the really bad beards (although they are pretty bad; in fact, the sets/lighting/costumes were the only major critique I had), and just enjoy our 16th president killing bloodsuckers in really cool ways. That’s worth the price of admission, hands down.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

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