Aberdeen locales to grace the pages of Southern Living

ABERDEEN – Southern Living was in town last week chronicling a glimpse into Billy Brasfield’s favorite haunts when he’s back home from his hectic schedule as a makeup artist to the stars.
“When I was growing up Southern Living was like the Bible around here. I grew up reading it and to be featured in it was really exciting,” Brasfield said.
Cottage Living magazine was part of the Time, Inc. media conglomerate, which also owns Southern Living. Cottage Living was one of Brasfield’s favorite magazines and the magazine contacted him regarding a story about his house in Aberdeen.
Because his house wasn’t ready for the article at the time, the idea was put on the backburner. By the time the house was restored enough for the feature, Cotton Living had fallen victim to the tough economic times and Time, Inc. decided to stop publishing the magazine and shut down its web site.
“Southern Living still wanted to do an article, but they wanted to get creative about it. Southern Living doesn’t typically publish articles about houses, with the exception of some of the huge and unique ones in New Orleans, for example, so they did one about a tour of Aberdeen with me as the narrator,” Brasfield said.
Billy B’s guide to Aberdeen could be published as early as November, but it could take a few more months before it runs.
Southern Living’s travel editor met with Brasfield in the spring and they spent the day at such places as Bloomer’s Nursery in Caledonia and the Cottage Tea Room. Because of Brasfield’s time being split between New York and Los Angeles, last week was the first chance he had for the photo shoot.
“I flew in from New York for the photo shoot and I have to fly back in a couple of days to do Melissa Etheridge’s makeup for appearances on Good Morning American and Live with Regis and Kelly for her Pinktober shows in New York and D.C.,” Brasfield said.
Etheridge is a breast cancer survivor and played the Pinktober shows at Hard Rock Cafes in the two cities to raise breast cancer awareness.
In a photographic tour of his Franklin Street home, Dwight Steven’s auction house, Tony’s Cafe and his downtown salon, readers nationwide will see Brasfield’s favorite local destinations.
“The New York Times had written a story for their home and garden section about my Aberdeen home and it was huge, but with Southern Living being a national publication, it’s really exciting for me and Aberdeen,” Brasfield said.
In addition to the publicity in print, a television network has expressed interest in a pilot Brasfield had filmed locally last year.
“The premise of the show is about saving and restoring houses and rescuing what’s still valuable like mantles, floor joists and doors. It would have a green slant with the recyclable materials. We shot the pilot last year and the attempts to have it picked up by a network aren’t over,” Brasfield said.

Ray Van Dusen/Monroe Journal

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