Abortion survivor challenges men to defend women and children

By Errol Castens

Daily Journal

OXFORD – Gianna Jessen was born in an abortion facility.

A survivor of saline abortion, she was rescued by a nurse and sent to a hospital.

“They said this baby girl wouldn’t live, but I just kept on living,” she said.

Jessen has been telling her story for more than 20 years. She eventually told it before Congress, and the result was the Born Alive Act, which requires life-saving medical care for babies that survive abortion attempts.

She spoke Monday at the annual banquet of Sav-A-Life of Lafayette County, hosted by First Baptist Church of Oxford.

As compelling as the pro-life message is, Jessen said it’s not a standalone philosophy but one part of Christianity.

“My mission in life is Jesus,” she told the audience of about 400. “It is not the pro-life movement and then Jesus wherever he fits in. ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven, and all these things will be added unto you.’”

She admitted both sides of her message offend people.

“I survived an abortion not so I could sit around making everybody happy,” she said, “but so I could dare to offend someone and awake them.”

The movie “October Baby” is based loosely on Jessen’s life. The film portrays a young woman who unexpectedly discovers she was an abortion survivor. While the movie is fictionalized, some scenes were enough like her own to be “incredibly healing,” she said.

Jessen said abortion is not just a problem for women but for men, too.

“You are made to defend women and children – not to use them and abandon them,” she said.

Jessen’s visit to Oxford was to encourage the work and support of Sav-A-Life, a crisis pregnancy center.

Treasurer Midge McCay outlined the help that Sav-A-Life offers to women with crisis pregnancies or who are afraid they might be pregnant. In addition to Christian counseling and parenting classes, women with a positive pregnancy test can see ultrasound images of their babies and are given clothing, furniture and other forms of support.

“When a woman has a crisis pregnancy, the answer is not to terminate the pregnancy,” McCay said. “It’s to terminate the crisis.”


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  • Americasgone

    And the liberals of this nation would have preferred this woman had been murdered in the womb………..

    • willerz

      And the conservatives of this nation would have preferred this woman had been murdered in Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s only “pro life” to them when you are in the womb. When out of the womb, they’ll be needing you to give up that life for their military industrial complex.

      • Americasgone

        The HNIC has us in more conflicts than Bush did.

        • willerz

          No he doesn’t. You think so, because he doesn’t agree with your world view. If it was a conservative in charge, you would once again not be paying attention to any of the conflict from the left. I did notice how you failed to address my point, that pro lifers are hypocritical, since they are only pro life before you are born, not after. That validates my point. Thanks!

        • barney fife

          What we do have is a bunch of old white men demonstrating their inability to accept direction from a gentleman of color.

        • Thile

          What does Hockey Night in Canada have to do with Bush? Did he not like the sport?

          Or were you using an acronym for a racist term you surely use quite frequently? Such a shame education past middle school wasn’t available to you or your parents. But please continue to display your ignorance for the world to see.

    • Jason

      And conservatives want to make it harder for women to get birth control so maybe less incidents like this even happen. We don’t live in a perfect world but facts show that teaching abstinence does not work.

      • Americasgone

        How is it hard to get birth control. Practically every gas station sells rubbers. Oh wait, you mean FREE birth control that the rest of us have to pay for. Figures…..

      • willerz

        I have to agree with Americasgone on this one. Birth control (condoms) are easy to get, and cheap. The problem isn’t that people can’t get birth control. The problem is that they don’t want to use the birth control that they have easy access too. They don’t want to lose the “feeling” associated with wrapping it. They want someone else to pay for their pleasure.

        Abstinence education definitely doesn’t work though. I agree on that point.

  • barney fife

    The circumstances of this woman’s birth are disturbing, to say the least.

    However, that does not lessen the need for medical facilities that can perform abortions for those who choose to have them. It is all about choice. The earlier a woman learns she is pregnant, the longer she has to make a decision about remaining so. A first trimester procedure should be available on-demand and without hassle. Procedures after that must require proper medical consultation and none after 22 weeks.

    Now, that is one, just one liberal’s point of view.

  • Sharon

    Abortion is a beginning. When someone makes the decision to end an innocent life, it’s only moments away from withholding medical care for those who are the most vulnerable. Elderly and disabled that are deemed non contributing to society will be discarded as easily as we have discarded the pre born. Who gets to make that life ending decision? It becomes a decision based on convenience for the decision maker and I personally don’t want some politician making that choice for me. While you can dress it up any way you want, when you kill the most innocent, you better pay close attention because the very choice you make to dispose of that inconvenience, is a choice that will sooner or later be at you door.

    • the_rocket

      This is fear mongering, plain and simple. Quit tying your religious hangups onto the rest of the world’s real problems.