‘All About Steve’ doesn’t measure up

One of these days, Sandra Bullock will be in a good movie again.
Until then, we’ll have to make do with mediocre offerings like “All About Steve.”
Bullock portrays Mary Horowitz, a woman with encyclopedic knowledge of everything but human relationships.
She goes on a blind date with cameraman Steve (Bradley Cooper) and says all the wrong things. In trying to get rid of her, Steve off-handedly says it’s too bad she can’t go on the road for his next assignment.
Before you know it, Mary loses her job and starts following Steve across the country. Hartman (Thomas Haden Church), a pompous news correspondent, gets his kicks by telling Mary where to find Steve.
In essence, “All About Steve” is a light-hearted stalking movie, and nobody in the cast or crew is quite up to pulling it off.
But there are some genuinely funny moments, many of them supplied by Steve’s co-workers, Hartman and Angus (Ken Jeong).
Once Mary meets Howard (D.J. Qualls) and Elizabeth (Katy Mixon), she settles down a bit, and you begin to see her more as a human being than a caricature.
“All About Steve” made about $13.9 million over the past weekend, which was good enough for third place. That money was probably put down for Bullock’s star power, though Cooper’s star has risen lately. Maybe both will pick better projects in the future.
I give “All About Steve” a C minus.
It’s showing at the Cinemark in Tupelo, as well as Malcos in Oxford, Corinth and Columbus, and Hollywood Premier Cinemas in Starkville.

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M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

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