Alternative birthday cake

My birthday was Sunday. I have to admit, I was baaaad.

I didn’t go to the gym for the entire week leading up to my birthday, and I ate poorly. Boy, am I paying for it now. I’ve never felt so sluggish and overall awful. I may have had some fun times while I was gym-less (quick trip to Memphis for Beale St. Music Fest and shopping, and lots of sitting around watching TV), but I’ve never missed the gym so much. And ugh, eating junk food may taste good while you eat it, but it makes you feel so bad for daaaaaays. Even though I’ve been back on the healthy train for a few days, I’m still feeling tired and run down.


My mom tried to keep me in line on my birthday, though, with a very cool alternative cake. She knows my favorite fruit is watermelon, so she cut a watermelon in slices, stacked the slices and ka-boom, a watermelon “cake.” She even topped it with a candle that played music, and she had Avengers plates and napkins. (why yes, I am a geek) If you or someone you know is trying to lose weight, try something different like a watermelon cake instead of a sugary, bad-for-you actual cake. It’s pretty awesome.

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