“American Idol,” 4/15

A historic night for “Idol” – the judges used their first and only save on Matt Giraud.

Matt was in the bottom two with Lil Rounds, and in the bottom three with Anoop. After Matt sang, the entire audience shouted “SAVE!” and it seemed as though Kara and Paula were all about saving him. Simon, of course, seemed kinda sour on the situation – until, of course, he saved Matt.

I talked this over with my mom this morning – because, as you all know, Matt’s middle name is “Sheena’s Mama’s Favorite” – and we came to a conclusion: We think the judges know Matt probably doesn’t have a chance to win (what with the likes of fan favorites Danny and Adam in the competition), but Matt could have a really great career post-“Idol.” Matt will always be remembered as the first contestant to get the judges’ save, and that could equal a big boost for him, not just on the show but for his career after it.

What do y’all think?

Simon reminded us, though, that next week two contestants will be eliminated, and next week is disco week.

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