“American Idol,” 4/21

Last night was disco night for the seven finalists left in “Idol” – with two getting kicked off tonight…

I thought disco night went pretty well, for the most part.

Lil Rounds was first singing “I’m Every Woman.” I love Lil, but yeah, this was as karaoke as the judges said it was.

Randy said: She got the party started but it sounded wild and didn’t show her artistry.

Kara said: Everyone’s been waiting for her to sing Chaka Khan, but it wasn’t worth the wait.

Paula said: Lil had almost no voice on Monday, so she did well considering.

Simon said: It was very copycat and this will be her last week on “Idol.”

Kris Allen sang – believe it or not – “She Works Hard for the Money.” But he did it in a really cool, Jason Mraz-y kind of way. I absolutely loved it. It was really different. And you know, I’d buy it – and I can’t say I’ve wanted to buy anything by any of the other contestants. I still want his version of “Ain’t No Sunshine,” too. To me, these two songs are the best I’ve heard on “Idol” this year.

Kara said: He took a real risk and it paid off. It sounded like it could be on his album.

Paula said: It had a classy Santana vibe to it. (I’m paraphrasing this, btw) “Many women shop in the men’s department, but there aren’t many men who shop in the women’s. You shopped, and found a perfect fit.” (and, bless my soul, I actually understood that)

Simon said: It was original and well thought-out. A “fantastic” performance.

Randy said: He knows who he is and he’s “ready for the big time.”

Danny Gokey sang “September.” Somebody, please, explain to me the appeal of Danny Gokey. I don’t get that guy at all. This was so boring and karaoke for me…just like it is every week with him. I couldn’t pick his voice out of a thousand others – there’s just nothing special about him/his voice at all for me. Why do the judges keep saying he’s going to end up in the finals when there are contestants like Allison and Kris in the competition?

Randy said: He turned the song into something that worked for him. “Good job.”

Kara said: He’s an incredible vocalist and his pitch is always perfect.

Paula said: He showed off his skills and he has a sexy voice.

Simon said: He can’t fault the vocals but his performance was awkward.

Allison Iraheta did a really cool, slowed-down, rock version of “Hot Stuff.” I liked it, but I’m in the minority.

Randy said: He didn’t care for the arrangement but she’s one of the best vocalists.

Kara said: She didn’t like the arrangement but it was a good song choice.

Paula said: She’s authentic.

Simon said: “That was a brilliant performance.”

Adam Lambert did a slowed-down version of “If I Can’t Have You.” And this, ladies and gentlemen, will be a prom staple for years to come…

I really didn’t care for his arrangement at all. His voice is perfection, but I’d much rather have heard a bluesier version.

Randy said: “You have it majorly going on.”

Kara said: He’s brilliant and this was one of his most memorable performances.

Paula said: She felt his pain and vulnerability. Adam will be in the finals.

Simon said: He didn’t feel his pain but it was an original performance. It was a memorable performance and his vocals were “immaculate.”

Matt “Sheena’s Mama’s Favorite” Giraud sang “Stayin’ Alive.” I love this song and I thought this was pretty fun.

Randy said: He didn’t care for the song choice but Matt can definitely sing.

Kara said: He brought disco back. She liked seeing him move and it was a good performance.

Paula said: It was a good song choice. Last week the judges saved him, but with this performance he saved himself.

Simon said: He didn’t like it and it came over as desperate.

Anoop sang “Dim All the Lights,” and I really didn’t care for this.

Randy said: He didn’t like the arrangement but Anoop can sing.

Kara said: It was a great song choice.

Paula said: He looked great and he needs to smile more.

Simon said: Mediocre at best and his worst performance by a mile.

What say you, Scene cats?

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