American Idol – what do you think?

Tonight, the Top 3 on American Idol will perform… and I’m not watching.

I’ve watched nearly every episode this season, but if these are the Top 3 we have, I’ll be tuning out, thank you very much.

I missed several episodes here and there early on, but my mom watched faithfully and she told me this was a season for the guys. She had her early picks – James Durbin, who was voted off last week, and Casey Abrams – and she just knew a guy would take home the title this year. After I caught up, I had to agree. I could very easily see a James vs. Casey finale, with songbird Jacob Lusk rounding out the top 3.

Yet, here we are, with two ladies, Hailey Reinhart and Lauren Alaina, and Scotty McCreery. If I had to choose a favorite out of those, I like Lauren Alaina, but I really don’t like Scotty or Hailey at all. My admiration for Lauren isn’t enough for me to tune in.

Scotty and Hailey have talent, there’s no doubt about that, but I don’t feel like either of them really connect to the songs they sing. That hasn’t ALWAYS been the case, but I feel like it is much of the time.

It just seems like a shame to me that we have these three in the top, when such talent like Casey, Jacob and James were in the competition.

I’ll argue that Jacob and Casey weren’t your “typical” Idol material, but talent is talent. And isn’t this a singing competition?

What say you? Who are you voting for? Who do you love? Who do you hate?

Also, what’s your take on the judges this season?

As much as I love Steven Tyler, I don’t know why he’s still on there. He praises them each time, rather than giving them constructive criticism.

Jennifer Lopez has the potential to be a great judge, but she usually bogs down her helpful hints with too much praise. Randy Jackson’s turned into the Simon, speaking the truth when no one else will.

I wonder if we’d have a different Top 3 if Simon were still on the show?

Anyways, these are just ideas I’m throwing out. Tell me what you’re thinking…

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