By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – When Becky Rollins became involved with the Friends of the Lee County Library, the first question she asked was whether or not they ever did any fundraising. “When they said no, I asked them if they would consider it,” said Rollins, who became chairman of the volunteer group […]

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Lori Gordon, whose "Lavendar Madonna" is featured here, is one of about 40 artists represented at Tupelo's Caron Gallery.

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Kim Caron is a longtime collector of art, and she’s run the Caron Gallery in Downtown Tupelo for four and a half years. She’s learned a bit about artists in that time. “They’re all so different. They’re individuals,” she said, “but the basic thing is they want […]

By Chris Kieffer Daily Journal TUPELO – A poet from New Orleans will spend the next two weeks in Tupelo as part of the annual artist residency program. This year’s guest is Asia Rainey, whose work includes spoken-word poetry, music, theater, television and films. She will be in Tupelo from Jan. 27 to Feb. 7 […]

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Dan Fortner has many talents, including art. Here he holds one of his oil and graphite pieces, titled "I-22." It's a painting of Interstate 22/Highway 78 as viewed from the front of Belden Baptist Church.

By Brad Locke Daily Journal TUPELO – Dan Fortner’s life could have gone any number of directions, and in fact it has taken him on several unexpected turns. Today he could be cooking for a celebrity, or handling art in New York, or buying and selling high-end antiques, or working for a top furniture company […]

Special to the Journal OXFORD – The city of Oxford, the University of Mississippi, and the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council are accepting applications through midnight Jan. 26 for the launch of an outdoor sculpture program. The Yokna Sculpture Trail will provide 17 to 20 large-scale sculptures annually on a staggered two-year exhibition schedule. Entries will be […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – The Friends of the Lee County Library have been planning a dinner party, and everyone’s invited. The event, A Novel Affair, will feature a pair of Mississippi artists as special guests. Wyatt Waters works in watercolor, and Robert St. John works in food. “We’re going to have […]

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After a full day of work at BancorpSouth, Cathy Talbot often can be found in her 9-by-14-foot studio, where she makes metal and glass jewelry.

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Cathy Talbot makes art so she can afford her tool habit, then she uses the tools to make more art. It’s a virtuous cycle that often leads her to a 9-foot-by-14-foot shop behind her garage. Two of her tools are a kiln and an acetylene torch. They […]

By Chris Kieffer Daily Journal TUPELO – The din of roaring chain saws vividly punctuated the first days and weeks of Tupelo’s recovery from the April 28 tornado. On Thursday, the same sound marked a new phase in the community’s healing. Instead of clearing marred trees, the tool was being used to shape a lasting […]

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The second half of "Providence Road" focuses on the artist's relationship with William Heard.

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Art isn’t a static thing. It reaches out. It makes connections. Suzanne Coffey Mielke, 57, felt art’s pull at an inconvenient time. She was visiting an art gallery in Seaside, Florida, but didn’t have money to spare. Her kids were due back in college soon, and they […]