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The second half of "Providence Road" focuses on the artist's relationship with William Heard.

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Art isn’t a static thing. It reaches out. It makes connections. Suzanne Coffey Mielke, 57, felt art’s pull at an inconvenient time. She was visiting an art gallery in Seaside, Florida, but didn’t have money to spare. Her kids were due back in college soon, and they […]

By Errol Castens Daily Journal WATER VALLEY – There’s a studio hidden in the woods, from whence paintings will emerge that make hearts pulse and memories flow. The bright colors and bold strokes from Bradley Gordon’s brushes bring to life deer, ducks, turtles and turkeys, along with other creatures of his Delta homeland – and […]

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Mike and Laura Ashley, with help from Pickles the cat, turned a suite at Tupelo's Renasant Center for Ideas into their pottery studio.

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Before moving to town, Mike and Laura Ashley tried to establish themselves as potters in Philadelphia. “It was exciting,” he said. “We were working, and there was a lot of art happening.” “It was a terrible winter,” she said. “The winter was bad,” he said, “and we […]

Artist Andrew Bucci, right, is honored by Gov. Haley Barbour, left, and his wife Marsha, with a handmade box guitar during the Governor's Awards for Excellence in the Arts, in Jackson, Miss., Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009. Bucci, a Vicksburg native, now a resident of Fort Washington, Md., was honored with the Lifetime Achievement award as an artist. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

RIDGELAND (AP) – Modernist painter Andrew Bucci, whose work spanned nearly eight decades and appeared on a U.S. postage stamp, has died. Bucci died Sunday at Hospice Ministries in Ridgeland after a brief illness, according to a statement his family released Tuesday. He was 92. Bucci’s painting of a magnolia flower appeared on the 5-cent […]

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Writer and illustrator Sarah Frances Hardy has a studio attached to her Oxford home, where she works on her children's books and other projects. "If I can get out here, I'll stay out here," she said. "That's the key: Get out here."

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal OXFORD – Ideas are relatively easy to come by, but good ideas are a different story. “When you’re brainstorming, it’s usually the 25th idea that does it, not the first, second or third,” said Sarah Frances Hardy, an Oxford-based children’s book writer and illustrator. “You have to get through […]

Bradley S. Gordon’s “Heavy Duty on White” shows his eclectic mix of pop art and Asian influence to unique local wildlife. (Courtesy)

By W. Derek Russell Daily Journal TUPELO – Bradley S. Gordon’s art has taken him all over the world, but sometimes you can go home again. It’s in that art he found his way from Clarksdale to Taiwan, and from Japan to his home in Oxford. But, truly, Gordon’s art is his home. “I grew […]

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"They're all connected – the books, the prints, the paintings, the stories," said artist Ke Francis, who moved back to Tupelo over the summer.

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – At one time, pottery was about function. Hands worked clay into cups and pots that became useful vessels of everyday life. “Then something like Tupperware comes along. It’s easy to use, simple,” Ke Francis said, “and pottery becomes art. The only people making ceramics are artists. They’re […]

TUPELO – A new display at the Oren Dunn City Museum is all about food, but it’s guaranteed to be calorie-free. “Rocks That Look Like Food” opens today and will be up through Nov. 22. It comes courtesy of the North Mississippi Gem and Mineral Society. “Once you start looking in a pile of rocks […]

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Cartron Williams' tornado painting, "Catastrophic."

By Sheena Barnett Daily Journal TUPELO – The dentist’s chair, a sad clown, a hungry crocodile and a devastating tornado are a few of the fears artists have depicted for the Caron Gallery’s new show, “What Scares You?!” Thirteen artists from across the state, including Mary, Cindy Aune, Sam Baldwin, Cartron Williams, Shelley Ozbirn, Jason […]