Artist in the Family

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

Maggie Dunlap’s artistic flair is in her blood. Maggie is the teen daughter of artists William Dunlap and Linda Burgess, and the artistic trio have an exhibit of their work at the GumTree Museum for the next two months. The “Dunlap Burgess Dunlap” exhibit works well because, while all three have different styles, their work complements each other.
“Our work works together visually, when you see it all together,” she said, “but it doesn’t really resemble each other at all.”
Maggie said her work at the exhibit is a collection of her newer work.
“I do kind of whimsical, linear drawings with watercolor. It’s very figurative and expressive,” she said. “My work appeals to people my age, but also an older crowd.”
Burgess said her daughter has created her own mythology that includes a diva figure based on her dog.
Burgess’ work draws from nature.
“The images are iconic. There is usage of birds and telephone poles from life around us, and it’s cherry picked and clipped into, I dare say, a juxtaposition to develop somewhat of a mysterious dreamlike narrative about the world around us,” Burgess said. “It’s not a story about what you’re seeing, but at the end of the day, what you saw – one saw a bird, one saw a dance, one saw a telephone pole – it’s the cumulative narrative at the end of the day.”
Dunlap’s work is a bit of fiction and a bit of non-fiction.
“I do what I call hypothetical realism. They’re not real, but they could be,” he said. “It’s more like reading fiction, but with a visual language.
Up next for the family: Dunlap is working on a painting for the Toyota plant in Blue Springs that will represent the changes in the land, and then the trio will take off for a city in the south of France to be artists in residence at a university.
For now, though, the father, mother and daughter are all ready to open up their latest family exhibit.
“It’s nothing but fun,” Dunlap said.

Exhibit Preview
What: Dunlap Burgess Dunlap opening reception, with food, music and speech by William

When: 7-11 p.m. Friday

Where: GumTree Museum, Tupelo

Cost: $20/person, $30/couple

Info: (662) 844-2787

Other events
William Dunlap, Linda Burgess and Maggie Dunlap will speak at the Kiwanis Club at 11:30
a.m. Friday at the Summit Convention

William and Maggie Dunlap will have a book signing at Reed’s Bookstore at noon Saturday.

There will be a public opening reception at 6 p.m. Saturday at the GumTree Museum. The exhibit runs Saturday through Nov. 28.

Growing GumTree
The GumTree Museum would like to purchase pieces by Linda Burgess and William and Maggie Dunlap to keep in the museum’s permanent collection, but they need your help. Call (662) 205-3144 to donate $0 or to pledge an amount. You can also call the number and get instructions on how to text your pledge.

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