Artist to talk art in everyday life at lecture

TUPELO – The creative process behind an artist’s work is always shrouded in mystery, but next week renowned artist Jason Bouldin will pull back the curtain a bit.
Bouldin will give a lecture on his work Thursday at the Advanced Education Center Auditorium at the University of Mississippi campus in Tupelo, which will be followed by a dinner at Park Heights restaurant.
Bouldin is best known as a portrait artist. A Harvard graduate, he has painted the portraits of governors, judges, representatives, chancellors and deans. He most recently painted former Ole Miss Chancellor Robert Khayat.
“In this lecture I’m trying to introduce what I do as a portrait artist,” he said. “My goal is to try to show people that artists and other folks are not that different in how we look at the world.”
Bouldin paints many different subjects, but he will focus on portraits.
“They are about getting a likeness in two instances: It’s about getting a tangible likeness, their physical features,” he said. “And the second type is the likeness of personality, the likeness of their essence, the spiritual likeness.”
Nailing both of those likenesses ensures a great portrait, he said.
“That’s when you’ve got what my dad and I call their ‘spit’ – their spitting image,” Bouldin said.
Bouldin insists everyone is an artist in his or her own way.
“We’re all artists if we’re sensitive to our calling,” he said. “We’re not necessarily using canvases and brushes, but our canvases and brushes may be other types of tools. … We have the potential for living in a creative way, and if we could recognize the opportunity for creativity that surround us, then we become artists.”

Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

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