Baldwyn Main Street Players presents ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

Adam Robison | Buy at Seymour (Hunter Grissom, center) bemoans his boring life working at a flower shop in "Little Shop of Horrors," produced by Baldwyn Main Street Players.

Adam Robison | Buy at
Seymour (Hunter Grissom, center) bemoans his boring life working at a flower shop in “Little Shop of Horrors,” produced by Baldwyn Main Street Players.

By Sheena Barnett

Daily Journal

BALDWYN – The stage at the Claude Gentry Theatre is about to get a little smaller when the huge, bloodthirsty plant Audrey II takes over in “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Baldwyn Main Street Players is presenting the rock musical this weekend and next week. In the show, the nerdy Seymour (Hunter Grissom) tries to find excitement and win the heart of his crush, Audrey (Allison Glover) by raising a plant he names Audrey II. The plant grows on human blood, so Seymour must find a way to satisfy the plant’s needs.

“You tell people what it’s about, and they’re like, a plant that eats people?” said director Karen Davis. “But it’s so cute. The characters are so fun, and the music is so fun.”

The theater purchased Audrey II from another theater and is refurbishing its four pods.

Sharing the stage with the ever-growing plant are Glover and Grissom, who said they’re having fun in their roles.

“Audrey is an extremely self-conscious bimbo,” Glover said. “But she’s very, very sweet. I drew (my character) from Fran Drescher. Hers is the voice I’m trying to emulate.”

Grissom said he sees a lot of himself in Seymour.

“I imagine someone who’s nervous all the time. And If I’m nervous and mess up a line or something, I’m letting the character play itself,” he said.

And he can understand Seymour’s fascination with Audrey II.

“You learn to love it,” he said. “The plant has its own swag.”

Davis said she expects audiences to fall in love, too, with “Little Shop of Horrors.”

“They’re going to be pleasantly surprised,” she said, “and have a blast.”



What: Baldwyn Main Street Players present “Little Shop of Horrors”

When: 7 p.m. tonight, Saturday, Monday, Nov. 21 and 23, and 2 p.m. Sunday

Where: Claude Gentry Theatre, Baldwyn

Cost: $12


“Little Shop of Horrors” cast: Hunter Grissom (Seymour); Allison Glover (Audrey); David Jenkins (Mr. Mushnik, Skip Snip); Cadley Burns (Orin, Mrs. Luce); Lorie Richey (Ronnette); Jackie Pruitt (Chiffon); Becky Bishop (Crystal); Steve Collins (Mr. Berenstien, wino); Clark Richey (Audrey II); Casey Cagle (wino, puppeteer); Noah Hancock (puppeteer); Jonathan Hancock (wino)

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