‘Bariatric Bites’

By Ginna Parsons/NEMS Daily Journal

In December 2007, with the scales tipping 300 pounds, Cherri Cox had lapband bariatric surgery. Since then, the registered nurse has lost 150 pounds, and kept that weight off for nine months.
Recipes and tips like those found in “Bariatric Bites” are part of what has made Cox so successful.
Cox and her co-workers at the North Mississippi Medical Center Bariatric Center put the “Bariatric Bites” cookbook together and now they’re ready to offer it to the public.
“This cookbook is geared toward patients who have had bariatric surgery, but it could be for anyone who wants to eat more healthfully,” said Dr. Terry Pinson, who performs weight-loss surgeries. “It makes you more aware of what you’re putting into your body.”
Laura Mills, the center’s registered dietitian, is the one who compiled the recipes for the cookbook, and she did the nutritional analysis for each one.
“A lot of times, the portion sizes are more appropriate for bariatric patients, but really they’re the correct sizes for everyone,” she said. “We encourage patients to eat protein first, then vegetables and carbs last.”
Instead of traditional cookbook categories like appetizers, main dishes, breads, desserts and vegetables, “Bariatric Bites” offers beverages, main dish breakfast protein, main dish lunch and dinner protein, side dish vegetable and side dish starch.
“There are no breads, no pies and cakes in this cookbook,” Mills said. “There are very few sweets. We’re more focused on eating fruit in that slot.”

Smaller is better
Pinson stressed that to be a successful bariatric patient, one has to eat normal foods in smaller proportions.
“It makes you much more aware of what you’re consuming from a nutritional standpoint,” he said. “The portion sizes are smaller, yes, but there’s also a better ratio of protein to fat to carbohydrates. It’s incredible the variety of foods you can eat when you flip through this cookbook.”
Mills said she wanted to make sure that the 200-plus recipes included in the cookbook were easily prepared and the ingredients readily available.
“I wanted to make sure this is regular food, everyday items,” she said.
Cox said she’s tried out several of the recipes on her family members, and no one was the wiser.
“They haven’t been able to tell the difference,” she said. “I basically eat anything I want to, but I have smaller portions. And I don’t eat fried foods. I have more things that are baked.”
“Bariatric Bites” is available at the NMMC Bariatric Center for $15. You can also write NMMC Bariatric Center, 408 Council Circle, Suite C, Tupelo, MS 38801. Add an additional $3 for shipping and handling. For more information, call toll-free (866) 908-9465.

Check it out
– What: “Bariatric Bites” cookbook.

– Cost: $15.

– Where: Available at the NMMC Bariatric Center; or by writing NMMC Bariatric Center, 408 Council Circle, Suite C, Tupelo, MS 38801. Add an additional $3 for shipping and handling.

– More info: Call toll-free (866) 908-

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