Barlow seminar draws New Zealand chiropractors

lifestyle_healthnewsBy Michaela Gibson Morris

Daily Journal

TUPELO – A pair of New Zealand chiropractors traveled more than 20 hours to train with a Tupelo chiropractic neurologist.

Husband and wife Andrew and Carina Calder of Auckland, New Zealand, who have been in practice for 32 years, traveled around the world to attend a seminar led by Dr. Andy Barlow at his clinic in Tupelo.

“Andy has got a huge reputation,” Carina Calder said. “We can read how it’s done from New Zealand, but we can’t see how it’s done.”

Chiropractic neurologists, who have to complete additional training and earn board certification, focus on the interaction between the muscular-skeletal system and the neurological system.

Barlow teaches a 20-hour weekend seminar each month, rotating through a series of four levels.

The classes cover neurological pathways, functional neurological exams, marketing and goal-setting.

“We consult with 273 doctors (chiropractors and medical doctors) from around the world,” Barlow said.

The Calders came for the fourth and final set of seminars this weekend.

Arriving earlier in the week gave them time to observe Barlow’s clinic.

Andrew Calder said they have been particularly intrigued by Barlow’s work with children with learning disabilities.

Andrew Calder connected a patient of his, whose family was moving to the United States, with Barlow for an evaluation.

Based on Barlow’s diagnosis and treatment plan, carried out by a chiropractor where she lives, the child has seen great gains.

“What he’s doing is different and successful,” Andrew Calder said.

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