Best three pounds I’ve ever gained

So long, Thanksgiving; hello, Christmas.

As I said in my last post, I planned to enjoy my Thanksgiving and forget what the scale said.

Well, I did just that.

I’ve been sick for about a full week now, with an annoying cold that doesn’t want to let go. So, I haven’t been to the gym in a week. On top of that, I enjoyed a lot of super carb-y dressing and my (low fat, but not low sugar) cheesecake at Thanksgiving.

Total damage: three pounds, says the scale.

If that’s all I’ve done, well, I can live with that. I was nervous that I’d gained closer to five, but three? I’m totally OK with that!

I spent last week enjoying time with my family and eating what I wanted (and not focusing quite so much on how to eat healthfully), but I only did this for a few days. I say those three pounds were worth it. Those are three pounds I can easily shed, by eating well and working out. There have been many, many times during this losing weight journey that I’ve gained a little bit of weight here and there, only to lose it later. Sometimes I knew why I was gaining: because I wasn’t working out hard enough, or because I was just eating too much (even of the healthy stuff!). Sometimes I had no idea why. Still, I’ve managed to lose it. And I’ll lose these three, too, and get back to losing more.

And, even though I didn’t eat perfectly during Thanksgiving, I tried a few things to keep the pounds off. For example, when I made my turkey sandwiches (and I made A LOT), I ate it the way I eat every sandwich these days, with only one slice of bread. I just take one slice of bread, top it with everything I want, and eat it that way. I do this even when I’m eating whole wheat bread. It’s a little messy, but worth the effort. Just use a fork, or get really good at balancing!

This time off has really made me miss the gym and my healthy eating. Sure, the “bad” stuff I had was yummy, but I miss my fruit smoothies and salads. Eating fresh food is just so much better than anything processed, or from a fast food joint. I can’t wait to go shopping and go work out when I get off work tonight.

Here’s to another couple of healthy weeks…. before Christmas! 🙂

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