Blue Mother Tupelo comes to the motherland


TUPELO – The South has a sound, and if you want to hear it, give a listen to Blue Mother Tupelo.
The husband-wife duo of Micol and Ricky Davis is Blue Mother Tupelo, and the couple plays soulful, bluesy country-rock. Despite the band name and having family in the area, the pair have never performed in Tupelo. That will change this weekend.
“Mississippi is the mother of our music,” Micol said. “So much of the music we love is from there.”

Soulful show
Blue Mother Tupelo released its first record in 1997, and then found a home in Nashville the next year.
Ricky said the pair don’t put much thought into what genre they’re playing, just in playing quality music.
“We love rock ‘n’ roll as much as we do country, as much as we do blues,” he said. “There are two kinds of music, good and bad.”
Blue Mother Tupelo has released an EP and three albums, the most recent being 2009’s “Heaven & Earth.”
A Blue Mother Tupelo show is the rare kind of concert that will make you think and make you dance, Ricky said.
“I think it takes you through an array of feelings and emotions. You’ll feel like boogieing and then we’ll do a song that brings it down,” he said.
The group is also open to reinterpreting their songs live.
“We like to let the songs breathe, to reflect what we’re feeling or going through at the time,” he said.
The pair have spent much of 2010 in a recording studio, working on their own material or producing other bands’ records.
Still, the pair love performing, and that’s where they feel the most at home – there, and in the hill country.
“I’m excited about performing in Tupelo,” Micol said. “We’re thankful to work and share our music.”

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