Blue Springs band The Amber releases new music

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

Sabrina Hawkins and Ash Williams are partners on just about every level: they’re engaged, they work together and they’re in a rock band.
In fact, they’re the only two members of The Amber. Williams is on guitar and vocals and Hawkins is on drums, and, yes, they see their similarities to the White Stripes, a rock band made up for a former husband-and-wife team.
“We were watching a White Stripes documentary and I watched Meg White play the drums and I thought, ‘I could do that,’” Hawkins said.
Hawkins had been in bands as a teenager, and Williams has scored lots of locally-made films like Glenn Payne’s “Genrevolt” and “Third Shift” and Michael Williams’ upcoming “Kane.”
After meeting at a video game convention a few years ago, they were friends for a while before becoming a couple. They didn’t form The Amber until last year.
Their eclectic tastes in music bleed through to songs they write for The Amber.
“Every song is different. We have a Misfits-sounding song, a Smiths-sounding song,” Hawkins said.
“I’ve never written the same-sounding song twice,” Williams added.
Fans can get a taste of what The Amber has to offer, as the first of two EP’s was released Tuesday.
They’ve also got a show next weekend with the reunited Dr. Daniel & the Rockabilly Vampires.
Williams said their live shows are “technical difficulties.”
“Something always goes wrong,” he said, from dying amps to breaking nails.
“I can’t look at people yet,” Hawkins said of her shy on-stage personality. “I feel like I’ll get distracted. I’m not that entertaining to watch yet.”
The Amber’s live shows include originals, like “Holiness of Spring,” “There Is No Darkness” and “Headrush,” as well as covers by anyone from Fleetwood Mac to The Who to Morrissey to Meatloaf.
“If we know who’s coming to the show, we’ll play covers we know they’ll like,” Williams said.
Being a couple helps make them a better band, they said.
“If we’re having a disagreement, it’s really a disagreement in general, like about the dishes,” Hawkins said, laughing. “We’re very understanding and very hard on each other.”

On stage
Who: Dr. Daniel & the Rockabilly Vampires, Sin City Scoundrels and The Amber
When: 8 p.m. Feb. 8
Where: Good Time Charlie’s, Tupelo
Cost: $5
Info: (662) 587-5886

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