Brave new world

Yeah yeah, still camping out on this plateau, yeah yeah.

My doctor said to basically keep on keepin’ on. Tomorrow morning I’m going to the gym for a weigh-in (something I must admit, I haven’t done in… months! eek!!), and I’m going to ask them what kind of work-outs I can do, or that I can do differently, to help me out. I know I just need to work out harder, but maybe they can introduce me to some new exercises, too. It hit me the other day that I’ve been at this weight for like 2 months, and that’s 2 months too long.


Late last week I took a quick vacation to Florida. It was a cool trip, full of pretty beaches, dolphins and a bit of a sunburn (whoops), but here’s the best part: for the first time in my adult (or teenage, even) life, I wore my swimsuit – JUST my swimsuit, without a cover-up! – to the beach.

For anyone who’s ever been overweight, you know how terrifying it can be to step out on to the beach or pool side in just your swimsuit. Since I’ve been a teenager, I’ve always worn some kind of cover-up (a T-shirt, shorts or both) over my swimsuit. But this year, it was just me and my pretty red swimsuit. Can’t even begin to tell you how awesome that felt!

It was my first official time to wear this swimsuit. I bought it basically 45 pounds ago, last summer. I never got a chance to wear it til last week. It was just a tiny bit too big, but not so much that it looked bad. In fact, it looked great.

I may still be camped out on this plateau, but this accomplishment is big enough that I feel like dancing.

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