Brewer United Methodist Church decides to add gluten-free and other options to traditional bake sale lineup

By Ginna Parsons/NEMS Daily Journal

If you stop by the annual bake sale, bazaar and rummage sale at Brewer United Methodist Church on Saturday, you’ll find lots of traditional frozen casseroles, breads, cakes and pies.
But you’ll also have the option to purchase gluten-free, sugar-free, low-sodium, low-fat and vegetarian dishes.
“We’ll have all the good originals, the old standbys and favorites, but this year we decided to offer healthy options,” said Vickie Lindsey, one of the organizers.
Her daughter-in-law, Susanne Lindsey, who was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 9, will be preparing low-carb recipes.
“My daughter was recently diagnosed as diabetic, too, so that’s what’s led me to do a complete overhaul of our eating habits,” Susanne Lindsey said. “We watch our carbs. Nobody – diabetic or not – needs to go overboard on carbs. There are healthier options out there – whole wheat bread, pasta and flour. If a recipe calls for two cups of sugar, I substitute two cups of Splenda.”
Stacey Blaylock will be preparing vegetarian dishes.
“For four months, I was completely vegan, but two months ago, I added dairy back,” she said. “It was easier to cook for the family when I added dairy back.”
Blaylock made her new life choice after reading a book called “Eat To Live” by Joel Fuhrman.
“It says people who eat vegetable-based diets don’t have the cancers and health problems other people do,” she said. “After having two children I wanted to get back to eating healthy and exercising. My dad has heart problems and I realized, genetically, that could be me.”
Sandy Maharrey will be making gluten-free and low-sodium dishes to sell Saturday.
“I have friends I cook for who are gluten-intolerant and need low-sodium diets, so I’ve learned to incorporate that in the way we cook,” she said.
The key to healthful eating, Susanne Lindsey said, is taste.
“You can put healthy meals out there all day long but they still have to be good or they won’t eat it,” she said.
The price for the healthy options will be comparable to the price for the traditional casseroles, soups, breads and desserts, Maharrey said.
In general, that means soups will sell for $8 to $12; casseroles will be $10 to $25; breads will be $5 to $10; and cakes will go for between $15 and $50. Cash and checks are accepted, but not credit cards.
“Last year, we made over $10,000,” Vickie Lindsey said. “We had more than 90 casseroles, 75 soups and 27 breads for sale.”
All proceeds from the sale will go toward retiring the debt on the new Fellowship Hall, which was completed in 2010.
The bake sale is also accompanied by a bazaar and a rummage sale (the event is the same day as the Brewer communitywide rummage sale).
Among the bazaar items will be crosses and pendants made from the stained glass windows in the church’s old sanctuary, jewelry made from dichotic glass, handmade scarves and painted canvases.
The doors open at 7 a.m. and will close early afternoon or when everything has sold.
“We’ll have lots,” Vickie Lindsey said. “We just need people to come.”

Want to Go?
What: Bake sale, bazaar and rummage sale.

Who: Brewer United Methodist Church.

When: Saturday, Oct. 6, from 7 a.m. until early afternoon.

Directions: From Highway 45 South, take the Brewer Road exit and head east, toward Brewer. At the 4-way stop, turn right. The church is aquarter of a mile on the left.

Info: Call (662) 767-9707 or (662) 767-3760.

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