Bush impersonator brings Biblical message to Laurel church



LAUREL (AP) – A Mississippi church had been promoting a speaker for several weeks with ads that had the American flag on the banner.

One thing led to another, and the community believed former president George W. Bush was coming to town. When they showed up Sunday night, the Bethlehem Community Church church’s entrance was lined with American flags, men who appeared to be in the Secret Service were guarding the building, and hundreds of people packed the sanctuary, even out into the foyer.

“It looked just like him, talked just like him, but when the sign went up, it gave me a little clue,” Lisa Parker told WDAM-TV in Laurel.

That sign was only visible to people on the first few rows. It looks like the president’s seal other than one word — impersonator.

The impersonator’s real name is John Morgan. Morgan, an Orlando, Fla., native, has spent the last 12 years impersonating the former president. He has traveled all over the country doing stunts like this one, but once he reveals his true identity, he turns the show into a Biblical lesson.

Some of the crowd Sunday night figured the trick out immediately, others said it took them the entire time to figure it out.

“I mean, I enjoyed it,” said Theresa Breland. “Even though it’s not him, we had a good time, and we’ll be back.”

Pastor Jamie Altman said the event was all in fun and everyone had a good time.

“Whatever you can do to get people to listen to the Word, I am all for it,” Altman said.

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