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Vintage facts worth knowing’ from the White House


The Associated Press

Although the 1887 edition of “The White House Cook Book” confidently presents these items of advice under the heading “Facts Worth Knowing,” samples are quoted here for their historical value only:

To Keep Milk Sweet: Put into a panful a spoonful of grated horseradish, it will keep it sweet for days.

To Prevent Oil From Becoming Rancid: Drop a few drops of ether into the bottle containing it.

To Ventilate a Room: Place a pitcher of cold water on a table in your room and it will absorb all the gases with which the room is filled from the respiration of those eating or sleeping in the apartment.

To Take White Spots From Varnished Furniture: Hold a hot stove lid or plate over them and they will soon disappear.

To Remove Ink, Wine or Fruit Stains: Saturate well in tomato juice; it is also an excellent thing to remove stains from the hands.

To Remove the Odor of Onion from fish-kettle and saucepans in which they have been cooked, put wood-ashes or sal soda, potash or lye; fill with water and let it stand on the stove until it boils; then wash in hot suds, and rinse well.

An Agreeable Disinfectant: Sprinkle fresh ground coffee on a shovel of hot coals, or burn sugar on hot coals. Vinegar boiled with myrrh, sprinkled on the floor and furniture of a sick room, is an excellent deodorizer.

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