Carol Wanner: Mom is much more than a role model

By Brandi Allison

I want to take a moment to tell you what an awesome mother I have been blessed with.
My mom, Carol Wanner, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. It has been a long, hard road for her with two surgeries, chemo and radiation. Not once did my mom complain, argue or whine about anything even when she was sick for days from the chemo.
She was a beautician for 25 years, and I will never forget the night she came in my bedroom and said, “Will you please shave my head?” as she pulled on her hair and it came out by the handful. It broke my heart and I could not do it.
She never misses a church service, which doesn’t say anything because I know lots of people who go to church every service, but their fruits don’t show that during the week.
I would not be here today if it weren’t for my mom and her prayers. I can remember my entire childhood life she never missed anything we were a part of at school. She worked at home and around our schedule so she could take care of my sister and me. She had our clothes that we wore that day washed, ironed and hanging back in our closets before we went to bed at night.
I can also remember every single night she knelt by her bed and prayed for our family, her grandkids, all the lost, sick, bereaved and broken hearted. She still does to this day.
You could eat off our floors, she swept and cleaned so much. Every Sunday since I can remember she always gets up very early and cooks a full-course meal before she goes to Sunday school, and dinner is waiting on the family as soon as we walk in the door.
She now works the drive-through at Community Spirit Bank and everyone tells me how beautiful and how precious she is. She never misses a beat, no matter how she feels, and she goes out of her way to be nice to people.
She is more than a role model to me, she is my best friend, she is my rock, my strength, and she is who she is all the time. I could go on and on and on about all the things she does and has done for me and my two kids, but it would take all day.
About the author: Brandi Allison was born and raised in Belmont, but now lives in Starkville. She works at Staggs Interiors in Accounts Receivables in Tupelo. She is the mother of Cali Mylela, 8, and Conner Michael, 13.

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