CHURCH PROFILE: Extreme Life Fellowship

By NEMS Daily Journal

After 20 years of being a church “attender” and even a Sunday school teacher, small group leader and deacon, David Ball felt like something was missing.
“I knew God wanted more from me the whole time,” he said.
He was called to the ministry, but even that didn’t “quench that call for more.”
Ball said he realized God is wanting more of a personal relationship with him, wanting him to consume more of the word and be more compelled to meet the needs of others.
The former pastor at Hope Church in Tupelo and currently the interim pastor at First Baptist of Fulton, Ball said he has noticed a trend that people are content to be “church attenders” and hire someone to do various ministries. He said there are people in every church that minister, “but what if the whole church was ministering, if every believer had a ministry?”
“We are comfortable is the problem,” Ball said. “God in his infinite power could do anything,” he said, “But he chooses us to be the vehicle to share the gospel.”
Ball has created Extreme Life Fellowship as a place for people who want to do more and reach out and minister to those in need.
“We are basically a group of people that God has not allowed to be comfortable just sitting in church attending it, just footing the bill for ministry,” Ball said. “I really don’t believe God intends that.”

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