Coliseum Commission, 6/18

Highlights from yesterday’s Coliseum Commission meeting:

  • This is really in the early stages, but just before the meeting, Arena director Todd Hunt and director of operations Craig Russell met with architects, designers and specialists about how to give the building’s exterior a facelift. As Hunt said, “expect more information” on this as they move forward.
  • The arena has three months to go in its fiscal year and hopes to finish with its second best, if not its best, year ever. “It’s been a fantastic year,” Hunt said. There have been 9 concerts this fiscal year so far; Jeremy Camp, later in July, makes 10, and he said they hope to have one more before the year’s up.
  • Attendance for Dierks Bentley’s show wasn’t stellar, with 2,264 in attendance. Hunt said they will try to stay away from Memorial Day shows, as they’re not usually well attended.
  • Rascal Flatts came to the arena last week to prepare for its upcoming summer tour. This is the fifth year they’ve done this at the arena. “They left here saying they’d see us again,” Hunt said.
  • The arena hosted the American Society of Mining and Reclamation, a national conference, recently.
  • The arena also hosted the Beiber Fever Pageant – basically a beauty pageant for toddlers. Hunt and Russell said they host pageants like these at least every other month or so.
  • Earlier this month, some folks studying the idea of Tupelo’s entertainment district came to town to meet with stakeholders, including arena officials. Results from their study/these talks should be in soon. As board president Scott Reed said, “It’s a very exciting time for the city of Tupelo. There are going to be a lot of changes in downtown.”
  • Hunt suggested an ABC application that allows the arena to sell more than beer/wine coolers. He said if any event wants to sell anything harder than that, they have to hire a catering service. Hunt said it wouldn’t provide much profit and is “mostly (a) customer service,” although he did say an Arkansas arena installed a daquiri machine and made quite a profit from it. The liquor license would be used selectively and not at every event. The board unanimously approved this application.
  • The board also recognized Todd Hunt for serving five years as the arena’s director.
  • Upcoming events at the arena include: the Father-Daughter Ball, CME conference, Professional Bull Riders and the Jeremy Camp concert.

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