COOK OF THE WEEK: Booneville nurse all about having fun in the kitchen

By Ginna Parsons/NEMS Daily Journal

Just call Sandra Gordon the Martha Stewart of Prentiss County. The Booneville mother cooks, sews, keeps a beautiful home, and crafts. Plus, she’s a full-time home care nurse for the North Mississippi Medical Center.
“I love cooking,” said Gordon, 51. “It makes other people happy and I enjoy seeing that. I like to do fun food. I like to do things that people look at and say, ‘I bet Sandra Gordon did that.’ And, usually, I’m the one that’s done it.”
Gordon likes to put pictures of dishes and crafts she’s made on Facebook, and she regularly visits Pinterest.
“I get a lot of good ideas from there,” she said. “I like people to brag on me. Whenever I’ve got people coming over, I start planning way ahead and get everything organized. Sometimes, I’m like, ‘How am I going to top myself this time?’”
But Gordon doesn’t do all the work herself. Her 28-year-old son, Drew, is always by her side.
“He’s my third and fourth arms in the kitchen,” she said. “Drew helps me with all my parties. I love to entertain, but I always overdo.”
Drew also helps take care of the family’s pets: Emma, a Schnauzer; Shiloh, a Yorkiepoo; and Mollee, a rescue dog.
“We live in a giant dog house,” Gordon said. “But we love them. I even cook treats for them. Emma is diabetic, but luckily I’m a nurse so I can give her her shots.”
Even after a full day’s work, Gordon still likes to come home and cook a meal for herself and Drew. And every Saturday night, she has her parents – James and Margaret Googe – over for supper.
“I try a new recipe from the Cook of the Week every Saturday night,” she said. “I try things and my mama critiques it and tells me what I need to add to it. I’ll try new recipes during the week, too, not just on Saturday nights.”
Gordon enjoys making it all – desserts, casseroles, appetizers – as long as it’s fun.
“I spend a lot of money on food,” she said, laughing. “I give to the church and then most of the rest of what I make goes for food. I do go overboard. But what else have I got to spend my money on?”
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