COOK OF THE WEEK: Pontotoc County woman happiest when cooking for others

By Ginna Parsons/NEMS Daily Journal

Ann Scott jokingly refers to herself as a short-order cook. But there seems to be some truth to that nickname.
“I cook my son’s breakfast and get him off to work, then I get my granddaughter’s fixed and send her off to school and then my husband, Donald, gets up and I make his,” said Scott, 67. “My brother-in-law once told me I reminded him of a short-order cook and in a way, I guess I am.”
And that’s just fine with Scott because she’s happiest when she’s cooking for others.
“I cook a lot and give it away,” she said. “I cook if there’s a death in the family or if somebody is sick. Sometimes, I just surprise somebody and take them something. But I don’t do it for the glory. The Lord says we’re supposed to share and that’s what we try to do.”
Scott can’t help herself when it comes to the kitchen: She always cooks way too much. She routinely cooks enough to feed her family with plenty left to share.
“I’m not a fancy cook. I just do old-fashioned cooking, like peas, cornbread, creamed potatoes and green beans,” she said. “My mother worked when I was little, so I guess I started cooking supper for her when I was about 11 years old. Because my mother worked, I’d call my grandmother for the recipes. Now that I don’t have my mother or grandmother anymore, I call my Aunt Dot Sappington and get her recipes.”
Scott really doesn’t need any more recipes. She’s got hundreds of recipe books and hundreds more recipes in her head.
“I do try a new recipe about once a month,” she said. “I usually get them from friends or family. We’re all the time talking about our cooking.”
The mother of three and grandmother of three who grew up in Pontotoc County said she’ll try to cook anything once. If her family likes it, she’ll make it again. If they don’t, the recipe goes out the window.
“I’d been trying to make bread and rolls and I never could get my yeast to do right,” she said. “Finally, last week, I got out my candy thermometer to make sure I was getting my water warm enough to activate the yeast and this time, it worked.”
In addition to cooking, Scott also enjoys reading her Bible and working in her yard at her home, which is close to Algoma but has a Houlka address.
“And most every day, I write in my journal,” she said. “I got it as a 50th wedding anniversary gift. Every day, I write what I did or what I thought about. I’m going to do it for a year. It will be something for my kids to read later and laugh about.”
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