Dance skills help Smithville resident’s video go viral

By Ray Van Dusen

Monroe Journal

SMITHVILLE – One minute and 20 seconds of Mike Jones secretly video bombing his daughters dancing to the popular rap song “Watch Me (Whip Nae/Nae)” has moved his dance skills and newfound fame across the Internet.

“My kids do that kind of stuff all the time,” Jones said of his 12- and 10-year-old daughters recording their dancing. “I heard them and peeked out and saw my mother recording and came in behind them. We watched it and said it would be funny to share this for friends and family, but now it’s funny for people all over the world.”

Jones wrestles with the Amory-based Outlaw Wrestling Organization under the name Studd, but the viral video has made his popularity swell far beyond the underground circuit wrestling mat.

“Nobody really knows me in public here but now, I’m one of the most famous people on the Internet,” Jones said. “I’ve had people contact me from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and England.”

Through the duration of the video, Jones keeps up with his unsuspecting daughters from the first “whip” and on past the “stanky leg” until they abruptly end their routine by yelling “Daddy!” in embarrassment after discovering he was behind them the whole time.

“Their first reaction was they were mad and thought I ruined their video. I always jump in their videos, but once we posted it and their friends starting messaging them saying they saw them on the Internet, now it’s the greatest thing in the world,” Jones said.

Since the video, which was recorded in the kitchen of Jones’ Smithville home, was posted Sunday night, he’s had nearly 2,500 friend requests and between 10,000 and 12,000 messages on Facebook.

“Me and [OWO Commissioner] Terrell [Moore] left to go to the gym the other day, and I literally had 246 notifications during a two-and-a-half-minute drive,” Jones said.

Jones is spending his New Year’s Eve resting up before being picked up by limousine at 3:15 a.m. to go to Memphis for a live satellite interview scheduled at 5:50 a.m. Friday on “Fox and Friends.”

The video was shared on the “Fox and Friends” Facebook page, and the show later aired it live. Jones has been approached by representatives of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and heard there’s interest from “The Today Show,” but neither appearance is a done deal.

“I was on Facebook about two or three minutes after he posted it, and 30 minutes later, it had 7,000 views,” Moore said Thursday afternoon. “It was up to 60 million views until a website out of Mexico added 16-and-a-half million more.”

One of Jones’ friends who runs a website picked up on it earlier this week, and its popularity swelled from there.

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