Down from the Hills

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

Cody Dickinson is having a blast. Get him on the subject of his side band, Hill Country Revue, and you can hear him smile through the phone.
“I’ve been playing live music a long time, and to have a new perspective on playing a show, it’s just been very revitalizing for my craft,” he said. “I feel inspired, just like I’m starting all over again.”

Dickinson honed his craft as a member of the North Mississippi Allstars, and under the teaching of his father, the late legendary producer Jim Dickinson.
When Dickinson’s brother, Luther, decided to take a break from the Allstars to join the Black Crowes, Dickinson went in search of true hill country blues.
Armed with a four of the best blues musicians he could find, he formed Hill Country Revue.
The bigger band opens up more opportunities for a bigger sound, he said, versus the three-piece that is the Allstars. Still, he said, the Revue is “high energy” and “danceable rock,” just like the Allstars.

Mississippi music
Hill Country Revue has been just as successful as the Allstars, too, Dickinson said.
The band released its first record, “Make a Move,” in 2009, and will release a follow-up, “Zebra Ranch” – named after his father’s recording studio – in October.
“We’re really excited about how the record’s turned out. It’s a real growth. I feel like we’ve arrived and come into our own,” he said. “It’s what happens when simple blues music turns into ultra modern rock ‘n’ roll.”
That’s also what a Hill Country Revue live show is like.
“The magic is in the interpretation. People expect a lot of dancing and a lot of good music and great guitar playing and incredible singing, and I might even play some electric washboard,” he said.
Dickinson said the band is excited about the Tupelo show.
“We’d really like to thank the city of Tupelo and the people for having us. We love playing in Mississippi. Those are our people,” he said. “It’s Mississippi music made by people in Mississippi for Mississippi people.”

Down on Main
– Who: Hill Country Revue, John Paul Keith & the 145s
– When: 6:30 p.m. Thursday
– Where: Fairpark
– Cost: Free
– Info: 662-841-6598

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