HED: Saving Grace Alvis Hatch amp& the Grace Based Band offers its brand of original instrumental music

Alvis Hatch amp& the Grace Based Band may have the most true band name. Hatch and his crew, made up of Hatch on guitar, Ross Salters on drums, Willie Guise on keyboards and John Long on bass, all started playing music at church, continue to play music at their respective churches and now base everything they do – including their music – on God.
“(Church) is the foundation of what we do,” Hatch said, “so we have to be grounded in that.”
Experiencing the music
Alvis Hatch amp& the Grace Based Band got its start in Tupelo in 2006 and has been playing various venues in Mississippi since. The group has released one gospel record, “Songs of Love and Worship,” and the band will release a record of their instrumental tunes called “Music for the Soul” in about two weeks.
The band will perform gospel songs, but for most gigs, the band plays its own original instrumental music.
“We play music for the soul,” Hatch said, noting that the band’s style is a mix of jazz, rock, funk, soul and Ramp&B.
“It’s four people, four brains, but one sound,” Salters said.
Each of the band members bring their own unique experiences and tastes into the group’s music. But don’t look for a singer, unless the band is doing gospel. “That’s not what we do,” Hatch said. “We’re like
Santana – the Santana of 2009,
of Tupelo. We make good music that God gives us.”
The guys have a great friendship, and that relationship carries over into the music.
“It’s a divine hook-up, and it flows. We have a lot of fun,” Hatch said. “We’re not like The Police – we don’t fight.”
That fun-loving, easy-going attitude is what makes an Alvis Hatch amp& the Grace Based Band live show exciting.
“It’s an experience,” Long said. “It’s not a show, it’s an experience. It happens to you.”
And that’s what the band hopes the audience gets out of its tunes.
“My prayer is that when people hear our music, that their lives are being changed,” Hatch said. “They can pop a CD in and feel happy, joyful. We make happy music.”
Hatch, Guise, Salters and Long all say they hope to take their music in any direction God decides to lay out for them. Just don’t say that the sky’s the limit.
“When you say the sky’s your limit, the sky’s as high as you can go,” Hatch said. “We’re shooting for heaven.”


Sheena Barnett

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