Jake Wood's new CD full of diverse, uplifting sounds

By Sheena Barnett

If you need a pep talk, consider getting one in 12 tracks.
Tupelo singer-songwriter Jake Wood brings his positive rock/acoustic sound to his first full-length CD, “Live Life.”
“Live Life” kicks off with Wood’s signature tune, “Never Give Up Hope.”
It’s a three-minute rock ‘n’ roll coaching session.
“If you feel you can’t go on/don’t forget, you are not alone,” Wood, 25, sings.
Most of the songs on the album are more acoustic than “Never Give Up Hope,” but they’re just as strong as the full band songs. There’s a light orchestral touch to the acoustic tracks that never feels too heavy.
Also, Wood includes a few truly beautiful and outstanding instrumental pieces. There may be no lyrics, but the music is peaceful and introspective, and fit in perfectly with the entire record.
These are wonderful, wonderful songs.
The stand-out acoustic song is “Someday Soon.” It’s catchy and pretty, and, of course hopeful and uplifting.
His good mood is infectious; it’s hard not to bee-bop along to the celebratory “On the Right Track.”
Three bonus tracks complete the album, and that’s where Wood lets his punk side show. He channels Queen on “Rock This Place” and invokes a Clash-like sound on “Follow Your Dreams.”
Wood’s “Live Your Life” is a colorful record, with every song so uplifting, but in so many different ways. “Live Your Life” is a great pick-me-up album and shows off Wood’s diverse sounds.
Pick it up if you need “a smile in your heart,” as Wood says.

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