'Museum II' a lot like your favorite comfort food

There are times when I crave a grilled cheese sandwich with chicken noodle soup. It’s nothing special, unless it’s what I need.
“Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” is like that. The sequel to “Night at the Museum” is comfort food for the family.
Since the last movie, museum night guard (Ben Stiller) has become a successful businessman. It’s been a while since he’s dropped by the museum, where an ancient tablet causes the exhibits to “wake up” at night.
The museum’s undergoing an upgrade, and many of the exhibits are being shipped to the National Archives beneath the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Before you can say “grilled cheese,” the tablet awakens the Smithsonian exhibits, and Larry needs to help his old friends.
Robin Williams returns as Teddy Roosevelt, and Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan return as little buddies, Jebediah and Octavius. The new cast includes Amy Adams as a sassy Amelia Earhart, Christopher Guest as Ivan the Terrible, Hank Azaria as Kahmunrah, the Thinker and Abe Lincoln, and Bill Hader as General Custer. Darth Vader and Oscar the Grouch from “Sesame Street” put in appearances, too.
There’s a fair amount of talent assembled and put to pretty good use. We know Larry’s going to save the day, but it’s still fun watching him overcome all the absurd obstacles put in his way.
I would have preferred a few more jokes aimed at the older crowd. But my kids got caught up in the action and didn’t talk nearly as much as the lady seated behind me.
Hey, there’s no need to rush out and see “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian,” but if you haven’t had a grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup in a while, maybe popcorn and a movie would be a good substitute.
I give it a B.
It’s showing at Malcos in Tupelo, Oxford, Corinth and Columbus, as well as Hollywood Premier Cinemas in Starkville and Movie Reel in New Albany.
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M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

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