Now or Never

One of the most successful Elvis Presley Tribute Artists is about to hang up his pompadour.
Travis LeDoyt, who has performed at the Tupelo Elvis Presley Festival in years past and has been a tribute artist for 10 years, will be making his last appearance at the festival as Elvis this year.
LeDoyt, 32, of Greenfield, Mass., is leaving behind the tribute artist world to pursue his own music.
“I have just started performing my music with a band I put together in Massachusettes. We are The Lin Preston Band and we’ve been playing out locally,” LeDoyt said. “So far it’s been a ton of fun and very fulfilling. We’re finishing up work on our first album.”
The band has put up a few demos on its Web site,
LeDoyt has heard some feedback from his fans of his Elvis persona, and it’s mostly been supportive.
“I would have to say the majority of the fans have been very positive about it. They say they’ll continue to support whatever I do,” he said. “I will say there are some that are disappointed to hear that I’ll be retiring. I am sorry to them that they feel they’re losing me, but as I stated before, I think I have a lot more to offer and hope that people will give me a chance and keep an open mind about it.”
LeDoyt said he feels this is a natural progression toward his own sound and style.
LeDoyt has already released one record, “Lonely Street,” which had a 50’s-style rockabilly sound.
His new sound, he says, is still inspired by classic rock, but will have a more contemporary sound.
LeDoyt’s last show as Elvis will be March 6, 2010, so fans still have a little more time to catch up on his act, but this will be his last show in Tupelo as Elvis.
He said he doesn’t have anything special planned for this Tupelo gig.
“I like to think that every show is special…As the band can tell you, they don’t always know what song is going to be next. I like to just live in the moment and do what I feel up there,” he said.
LeDoyt invites all Elvis fans to check out what he does.
“I think when I’m excited about a performance it shows in the performance and I’m always pumped when coming to Tupelo,” he said. “I think there’s a real magic there and I hope I can bring some of it to my show.”

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Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

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