Pied Piper presents ‘The Granny Awards’

TUPELO – Who’ll take home the prizes for the best fairy tale characters?

You’ll have to see at “The Granny Awards,” presented this weekend by Pied Piper Playhouse. Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf are all there, complete with commercials for Jack and Jill’s Spring Water and Hickory Dickory Dock Clocks.

“It’s a spoof of the Grammys,” said director Tosha Matthews Parker. “There are awards for Best Male Vocalist, Best Female Vocalist. Granny is at the awards, all dolled up. It’s got a lot of cute little moments.”

Snoozy, played by 11-year-old Rahul Dey, gives out the awards to the magical winners, but, as his name suggests, sometimes he gets a little sleepy.

“(Snoozy) is supposed to be really, really sleepy, and he always has to have a lot of loud noises to wake him up. (The Wolf) is the main antagonist, because he really wants an award and he tries to steal them,” Dey said. “My favorite part is falling asleep – I get to sleep on the job.”

The wolf, played by Trevor Hart, gets what’s coming to him when the Three Little Pigs, Granny and Little Red Riding Hood win for Best Rap – a rap all about the conniving Wolf.

Rob Parker, 7, plays Jack, of Jack and the Beanstalk fame, who scores Best Male Vocalist Award.

“It’s very, very funny,” he said. “It’s a fun play and it’s a privilege to do it. It’s a fun privilege.”

• On Stage

What: Pied Piper Playhouse presents “The Granny Awards”

When: 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday

Where: Milam Auditorium, Tupelo

Cost: $5

Info: (662) 678-3844

• “The Granny Awards” cast: Kylie Moore (Prof); Caleigh Martin (Announcer, Goldilocks); D.J. Swanson (Icky); Carly Oglesby (Sparky); Bethany Bell (Dizzy); Kaitlyn Greenwood (Wheezy); Avery Lewis (Wimpy); Rahul Dey (Snoozy); Kaylan Flemings (Fairy Godmother); Charlotte Locke (Granny); Tory Fox (Snow White); Rob Parker (Jack – Beanstalk); Trevor Hart (Wolf); Olivia Jones (Cinderella); Drew Locke (Prince); Ellora Dey (Stepsister 1); Patey Ezelle (Stepsister 2); Deacon Brooks (Jack); Emma Kate Fox (Jill); Deacon Brooks (Accountant); Olivai Jones (Poppa Bear); Gracie Fox (Momma Bear); Dominique Reed (Baby Bear); Trinity Locke (Red Riding Hood); Jili Grace Asa (Pig 1); Sophie Palmer (Pig 2); Rain Judson (Pig 3)

Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

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