Riverdance tonight: Coliseum Commission 2/21

By Sheena Barnett

The BancorpSouth Arena’s Coliseum Commission meeting was yesterday at the Arena, and here are the highlights:

– The Senior Beta Club has wrapped up its annual conference at the arena, and the kids left yesterday.

– Marketing Director Kevan Kirkpatrick said the Arena’s social media is doing extremely well, with more than 800 followers on Twitter, more than 4,000 likes on Facebook and more than 22,000 signed up to receive eblasts. For an example on the social media success: the upcoming Avett Bros. show is selling well, thanks in part to word-of-mouth on the Internet (the only advertising they’ve done is in college newspapers). The Arena has really pushed its social media in the last few months and it’s starting to really take off.

– Director Todd Hunt traveled to the Pollstar Live conference in L.A. recently, where he met with promoters and agents and nabbed a few show leads that should pan out in the next 6-9 months.

– Attendance for the Arena’s new year (only a few months in) is right at beating the total attendance for 2001-2002, its lowest-attended year ever. So, Hunt said, “We’re busy, and we’re on pace for a really, really solid year.”

– Upcoming big events: tonight is Riverdance, with the show in its farewell tour; this weekend is Jason Aldean’s concert on Saturday (the fastest sell-out in the Arena’s history); and Winter Jam, the Christian music festival, is Sunday, and it almost always sells out.
The last time the Arena had two back-to-back big sellers/sell-outs like this was in 1994, with Reba on a Saturday night and Christian artist Carmen on a Sunday night.

– Other recent events that brought in a lot of folks: two separate cheer events, the Regional Rehab fundraiser, the rodeo (which, Hunt said, continues to increase its numbers), the CDF Expo, Charity Ball, Senior Beta and Monster Jam.

– More on Monster Jam: This was the highest-grossing Monster Jam show in Tupelo ever, and was 97 tickets away from being the most successful Monster Jam show ever. Tickets for next year’s Monster Jam event are already on sale and the shows are scheduled for St. Patrick’s Day weekend 2013. The reason the dates vary so much for Monster Jam is because the Arena try to get the “most profitable trucks” to perform. Apparently folks follow certain trucks around, like Deadheads.

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