Rocking out with Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom is here to save the day.
Well, maybe not the day, but the local music scene, at least.
The way the rock band sees it, there’s plenty of talent in Northeast Mississippi, and music fans are missing out on it. That’s why the band is putting on a showcase of local music this weekend.
“This is the hometown of Elvis Presley,” said Rock Bottom bass player and vocalist Wayne Victory. “I feel like the scene could be a lot more diverse.”
Rock Bottom’s members, Victory, percussionist Josh Decker, guitarist Burt Nolan and Michael Schroff on mandolin and guitars, support the local scene themselves by going to shows and getting to know fellow musicians.
“We’ll go out and support other bands, invite them on stage with us,” Victory said. “It’s like, what goes around comes around.”
Friday’s show will feature Tupelo’s Nova Roma, Legion of Malus of Corinth, Pontotoc-based Man Down and the Dharma Bums of Booneville.
Mix of sounds
Rock Bottom’s own music is a mix of the past, present and future.
It’s a mix of rock, blues, funk and bluegrass – whatever the guys feel like playing, really.
That carries over into their choice of covers. Rock Bottom takes well-known songs and creates new music with them.
“One of our biggest things is taking the cheesiest ’80s songs that people joke about, and we’ll take them and rock them up,” Victory said. “We know the basis of the song, and we play off the crowd.”
That may mean replacing a sax line with guitars, for example, or changing the lyrics.
The guys never cover the same song the
same way twice.
“One thing we’re known for is swapping instruments on stage,” Schroff said. It’s that kind of jam band improv that keeps Rock Bottom’s music fresh.
“It’s a different show every night,” Decker said. “You never know what to expect.”

See them live
Who: Rock Bottom, Legion of Malus, Nova Roma, Dharma Bums, Man Down
When: 8 p.m. Friday
Where: Main Street Bar & Grill, Tupelo
Cost: $7
Info: or (662) 844-6454

Check out the bands that will be at this local showcase:
Nova Roma –
Man Down –
Legion of Malus –
Dharma Bums –

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