Starkville band Gondoliers release excellent new EP

By Sheena Barnett

They say the best way to honor the dead is to live.
If that’s so, The Gondoliers’ EP “On and On” isn’t just an honor, but a celebration.
The Gondoliers is made up of Starkville musicians Michael Freed, Jason Fortenberry, Fernando Aloisi and Mark Goldbeck. These guys were friends and bandmates with Del Rendon, who died in 2005.
“On and On” is the kind of record Rendon would dig, full of his own style of music and even including one of his own songs, the EP’s closing track, “Slow.”
Though this album is a tribute to a fallen friend – and all proceeds from it go to the Del Rendon Foundation – this is a record absolutely anyone with ears would enjoy.
All five tracks are made up of sturdy alt-pop rock ‘n’ roll. Cheesy as it is to say, the music recalls a better time, not too long ago, when solid musicianship sold a song, not fancy technology.
The songs are well-crafted and are performed with heart – what more could you ask for?
The opening track “Masquerade” sounds like a hit song you’re already familiar with.
The grooves on “Rock & Roll” and “On and On” are deep, comfortable, with nice Beatles-esque touches.
Each of the songs on “On and On” are just so good, so easy to sit back and enjoy – it’s the simple things in life, huh?
“On and On” is a winner all the way around: the music honors and remembers Rendon, it’s an excellent start to The Gondoliers’ music career, and it’s a sure crowd-pleaser.
The Gondoliers made an EP to celebrate a friend, and the EP itself is worthy of a celebration.

To get your own copy of “On and On” by The Gondoliers, visit or find it on iTunes.

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