Fabulous 50, and then some

As of Saturday, I’ve lost 51 pounds.

Like any other milestone I’ve reached in this weight loss journey, that fact kinda blows my mind. At the same time, it’s so easy for me to follow that accomplishment by saying, “Oh, but it took nine months,” or “Oh, but most of that weight was lost in the first five months, and you’ve only lost 10 in the last four months…” that kind of thing.

But I’m trying really hard not to listen to the Debbie Downer in my head and keep on my positive path.

My doc says I need to lose 75 total, so I’m two-thirds of the way there. I can’t believe I’m THISCLOSE to my goal!

With my birthday around the corner (next Monday!), this just makes this birthday even sweeter.

So here I am, at 51 pounds. It feels pretty awesome. Work outs feel amazing, not exhausting. I could live at the gym if only I had every hour of every day to myself. I don’t miss junk food that tastes bad or makes me sick.

Now I’ve gotta lose these remaining 24 pounds.

Fifty pounds is kind of a big deal, and when I originally set out with this plan, I said I’d buy myself a really awesome reward for losing 50 pounds. My main ideas were a manicure and pedicure (something I give myself at home all the time, but never splurge to have them done at a salon), or a massage, or my favorite expensive (for my budget) make-up.

I kind of accidentally spent my reward money last night, on new workout clothes. I didn’t mean to spend so much, but I really needed new workout pants – I’ve been XL’s since day one, and the ones I bought last night were medium’s. The new pants, shorts and other necessary workout clothes fit so much better and make it way easier to work out in.

So I guess I’ll save the big gifts – mani/pedi, Make Up Forever, etc. – for the next milestones. But right now, I’m sitting pretty at 51.

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