Flying colors, plus more on Greek yogurt

Plateau is still going strong. I think I can feel it slowly starting to change, but not much. So, I’m still at about a 45-pound loss. SIGH.

BUT! Good news! I went to the doctor last week to get, basically, a six-month check-up since it’s been six months since I started this. The results: I passed all the tests with flying colors. Woo-hoo!

I’ve been on blood pressure meds for a while now, but for the last little while I’ve been getting dizzy when I stand up. It’s become worse and worse, so I told my doctor this last week. We’re working on figuring out a lower dose, and I think I might need a lower dose still, since I’m still getting a little dizzy when I stand up.

But – I’m happy I got good results at the doctor. That makes me feel great.

Anyways, I found a great tip on a weight loss blog this weekend that I’m already putting into use.

I need to continue to lower my sugar intake, so I’m trying to find ways to keep my Greek yogurt (I swear, the secret to my weight loss success) without sweetening it up with fruit.

I read that I can give the plain, non-fat Greek yogurt some flavor and a hint of sweetness by simply adding in Crystal Light, Mio, sugar-free Jello mix or any kind of sugar-free water enhancer or something similar. It works! I tried this weekend with Mio, and it’s pretty tasty (although – this was my first time trying Mio, and it tasted awfully fake-sugar-y, ya know? Not really a fan of that. Gonna try Crystal Light or sugar-free jello mix next).

I also tried eating cereal with Greek yogurt instead of milk or soy milk, and that was awesome (Be mindful, though, of how absolutely horrible for you most cereals are. They are super super super high in sugar and carbs, so watch out! I bought a yummy Kashi Go Lean Crunch brand – honey, almond and flax, I think? It was still pretty high in carbs, but it’s past lunchtime now and I’m still kinda full from breakfast).

I guess some of these tricks are no-brainers, but hey, sometimes you need a few fresh ideas. 🙂

I’m excited about the doctor’s visit and the good test results – I think I’m gonna buy some music tonight as a reward.

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