Food inspections 3.15

N.E. Mississippi

Food Inspections

n Here are results of recent food inspections by the state Department of Health’s Tupelo regional office. A “fail” rating means the food establishment didn’t pass one of 10 critical items, but the business has an opportunity to correct the item and remain open until cleared by a second inspection in about 10 days.

- Chevron Main Stop, 1391 W. Jackson St.: PASS

- Subway, 2270 W. Main St.: PASS

- Wal-Mart Snack Bar, 3929 N. Gloster St.: PASS

- Courtyard By Marriott, 1320 N. Gloster St.: PASS

- Scruggs, 3575 Tom Watson Drive: PASS

- Margarete’s, 1725 N. Gloster St.: PASS

- Kroger, 930 Barnes Crossing: PASS

- McDougal Center, 2434 S. Eason Blvd.: PASS

- Steak Out, 516 S. Gloster St.: PASS

- West End Market and Deli, 110 Hwy. 6 W.: PASS

- Catfish King No. 1, 2307 W. Main St.: PASS

- Sir Anthony’s, 499 Gloster Creek Village: PASS