GINNA PARSONS: Movie offers feast for eyes

On Saturday, my sweet husband agreed to go to the movie with me to see “The Hundred-Foot Journey.” The last movie I got him to was...

The world is living off byproducts and off-cuts, and that’s a good thing. After three decades in the restaurant business, I find it easy to look back and notice trends and cycles in people’s eating habits. When we opened our first restaurant in 1987, poultry suppliers could almost give away chicken wings for free. What […]

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Melinda Bell of Tupelo and her aunt, Eddie Lou Ray of New Albany, enjoy burgers at Fat Luey's in downtown New Albany last week. In the background, Sarah Rector pours tea for Ed Leggett of New Albany and his son, Trey.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal NEW ALBANY – Melinda Bell and her aunt, Eddie Lou Ray, stopped in Fat Luey’s this past Thursday for a burger. “A friend of mine said it was the best hamburger in town and it is delicious,” said Bell of Tupelo, who was making her first trip to the restaurant. […]

On Mother’s Day, my husband and kids prepared a lovely brunch for my mother-in-law and me at our house. So when Father’s Day rolled around, I wanted to return the favor by preparing a nice breakfast for Charlie. I decided early last week that I’d make a quiche with bacon and Cheddar cheese, some blueberry […]

Last week I relived my youth on a small sand bar near a bend in the Chatooga River, just upwater from a treacherous series of class-five rapids. That might seem like a strange place for a South Mississippi boy to have a childhood flashback. The body of water that ran through the neighborhood of my […]

By Errol Castens Daily Journal OXFORD –, Yoknapatawpha Arts Council and Oxford Park Commission are combining efforts to offer monthly food classes. “I talk to so many people in the food industry, and I didn’t think that the classes offered in Oxford were what most people wanted,” said Liz Barrett. “Too many were attuned […]

Week before last, we got a hankering for some homemade lettuce wraps, but the only recipe I had ever used was three pages long and I wasn’t in the mood for all those steps. I got that recipe five or six years ago and it suddenly occurred to me that in that span of time, […]

There are several job titles that are listed in my bio – chef, restaurateur, columnist, writer, travel writer, food writer, businessman, blah, blah, blah. When one sifts through the rhetoric and boils it down, I am a professional eater. Food, restaurants and the food business are my hobbies. I get paid to write. Food is […]

Ever since I went to Ciao Chow restaurant in Ashland a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had pasta on the brain. My family is probably going to kick me out if I don’t stop showing up at the dinner table with heaping bowls of spaghetti, penne pasta and orzo. Ciao Chow’s Tim Satterfield made a […]

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Business partners Barbara Jeffreys and Tim Satterfield opened Ciao Chow, an Italian restaurant with a Southern influence, in February 2012.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal ASHLAND – Off the beaten path in downtown Ashland in a tiny little building that seats 46 people at most is a diamond in the rough known as Ciao Chow. Chef Tim Satterfield and his business partner, Barbara Jeffreys, opened the restaurant on Valentine’s Day in 2012. “Tim loves to […]