Movies often reflect reality. Though many times a substantial suspension of disbelief is required. Law enforcement and organized crime are the subject of many of today’s modern films. The military, various clandestine intelligence departments, Wall Street, and banking are also the center of a lot of cinematic attention. The restaurant business gets the short end […]

On Saturday, my sweet husband agreed to go to the movie with me to see “The Hundred-Foot Journey.” The last movie I got him to was “Up,” which was in theaters in 2009. I’ve tried over the past five years to get him to comedies, romances, action movies and animation, but he always finds an […]

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – Debra White was born in Amory, but she grew up on a farm in tiny Detroit, Alabama (population 237 in the 2010 census). That’s the only life she knew for many years. “We grew everything we ate,” said White, 45. “We couldn’t run to McDonald’s. You can’t do […]

In May 2008, I had the pleasure of interviewing Luisa Arico of Oxford as a Cook of the Week. She mentioned to me that she one day wanted to write a cookbook featuring recipes from northern Italy, where she was born; southern Italy, her mother’s home; and Sicily, her mother-in-law’s domain. Luisa has finally written […]

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Crystal Holcomb, clockwise from left, Eddie Dalton, Melissa Edwards and Mary Jo Beeman all have recipes in the North Mississippi Medical Center Women's Hospital's new cookbook, "From Our Family to Yours, Vol. 2."

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – Five years ago, staff members at the North Mississippi Medical Center Women’s Hospital came up with a cookbook full of their favorite recipes called “From Our Family to Yours.” Now, they’ve come up with the sequel – “From Our Family to Yours, Vol. 2.” “It’s been five years […]

Eddie’s BBQ Ribs Eddie Dalton 4 pounds baby back pork ribs Barbecue sauce or dry rub Take the rack of ribs, bone side up, and pull the thin membrane off if possible. If not, run a sharp knife down center of each bone. Cut each slab in half to get about 4 to 6 bones […]

I often purchase baguettes at Simply Sweet by Margarete on South Green Street to use for sandwiches or dipping bread or garlic bread. When I brought home two recently, my husband claimed one, saying he wanted to make bruschetta as an appetizer. That left me to figure out an Italian-type of entree to follow. I […]

I write this in a Paris hotel room, at dawn, peering out to an empty street and looking back over the previous nine days, wondering if the local patisserie will open before our group boards a bus to the airport. Yesterday morning I hit the streets early in search of a neighborhood bakery and found […]

My husband, Charlie, and I have been practicing empty-nesting this summer.Daughter Mary has been at camp, where she is a counselor, since the middle of May. And son Patrick periodically leaves us to stay with friends, visit the beach or attend running camp. A friend of ours who is in a similar situation said she’s […]