Ever since I went to Ciao Chow restaurant in Ashland a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had pasta on the brain. My family is probably going to kick me out if I don’t stop showing up at the dinner table with heaping bowls of spaghetti, penne pasta and orzo. Ciao Chow’s Tim Satterfield made a […]

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Business partners Barbara Jeffreys and Tim Satterfield opened Ciao Chow, an Italian restaurant with a Southern influence, in February 2012.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal ASHLAND – Off the beaten path in downtown Ashland in a tiny little building that seats 46 people at most is a diamond in the rough known as Ciao Chow. Chef Tim Satterfield and his business partner, Barbara Jeffreys, opened the restaurant on Valentine’s Day in 2012. “Tim loves to […]

My husband called me at work one day last week and asked if I’d been to the grocery store yet. I’m in the grocery store at least once a day. I used to wait and go after work, knowing that a child would call at the last minute, saying he or she needed markers or […]

By Errol Castens Daily journal OXFORD – The journalist best known for his books exploring America’s food chain brought to Oxford some new insights about America’s eating habits from his latest work, “Cooked.” Michael Pollan, author of “Food Rules,” “In Defense of Food” and “Omnivore’s Dilemma,” spoke last week at a forum at the University […]

I’ll take ‘Foods With Holes’ for $500, Alex.” “This fried yeast bread pastry is heavily glazed with sugar and is likely to put you to sleep after eating just one, if you are over the age of 50.” “What is a doughnut? I’ll take ‘Foods With Holes’ for $1,000, Alex” “This versatile New York delicatessen […]

Fresh mint and scallions bring out the natural sweetness of English peas. (Courtesy)

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – The Tupelo Farmers’ Market opened Saturday, as I’m sure others in Northeast Mississippi have, so there’s no excuse for any of us to not eat locally grown fresh produce. It will be weeks before the tomatoes and blueberries and okra come in, but for now we can be […]

OK, before you dismiss the recipe below, saying to yourself, “How tough can it be to make barbecued chicken in the oven?” you have to know this recipe isn’t about a list of ingredients, but rather technique. I have tried making barbecued chicken in the oven many times before, and each time it comes out […]

Brunch was invented just for me. If not for me, then certainly whoever came up with the amazing idea of combining breakfast and lunch had someone like me in mind as the prototypical customer. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I can eat breakfast items in the morning, afternoon, evening or late night. […]

The Bolivar Commercial Chef, television host and author Anthony Bourdain recently made a stop at the Senator’s Place in Cleveland. The purpose of Bourdain’s visit was to inquire about some of the cooking customs of individuals in the Mississippi Delta. This segment of his show, “Parts Unknown,” is set to air on CNN at 8 […]