My husband was in the mood for kebabs last week and emailed me two recipes, one for spicy salmon kebabs and one for yogurt-marinated chicken kebabs with a pepper rub. We had recently had chicken – twice – so I chose the salmon. I only glanced over the ingredient list and didn’t pay a whole […]

The older I get the less enamored I am with inanimate objects. As a kid, I loved stuff. I could spend 30 minutes on the 15-foot-long toy shelf at the neighborhood Ben Franklin store. The stuff obsession didn’t end in childhood. As an adult I went through several phases – a compact disc phase, a […]

Fourteen years ago today, my mother lost her battle with breast cancer. She was 72 years old and just a little more than a year into retirement.It hardly seemed fair then. It hardly seems fair now. Mama died two days after my 37th birthday and the week before Mother’s Day that year. It was rough, […]

My lifelong love affair with sweet potatoes has been shaken and I have a confession to make. First understand that, as a kid, I ate more sweet potatoes than white potatoes. They were a staple in my home. A baked sweet potato topped with butter alongside a serving of chopped spinach was the go-to vegetable […]

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Brittany Arendale takes customers' orders last Wednesday afternoon during the lunch rush at Ajax Diner on the Square in Oxford.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal OXFORD – Randy Yates opened Ajax Diner in Oxford in 1997 because he thought the Square needed a barbecue joint. That idea lasted about a year. “At first, we were more barbecue and seafood, but plate lunches took over – veggies took over,” said Yates, 51. The Jackson native said […]

Sunday afternoon was a lazy day at our house. I piled back in the bed after lunch to watch “The Tender Trap” on AMC with Frank Sinatra and Debbie Reynolds and then moved to the couch with a pillow and blanket to catch “The Way We Were” with Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand. I love […]

It’s prom season. Thousands of high school kids have been waiting years for their big night. Thousands of parents have been dreading it since their kids entered school. As the father of a 16-year old, 11th-grade daughter, who just fed 43 of her tuxedo-clad and chiffon-and-satin laced friends in our backyard, I speak from a […]

A few weeks ago, I interviewed a Cook of the Week who had one of the “Kosher by Design” cookbooks on her kitchen counter. (I think there are eight in the cookbook series written by Susie Fishbein.) “I’m not Jewish,” she said, “but this cookbook has some really amazing recipes.” Almost 10 years ago, I […]

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – Kathy Bailey loves animals. But she knows herself well enough to know she could never work at the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society. “I’d want to take all the animals home, every day, all of them,” said Bailey, a new volunteer at the shelter. “But I wanted to find some […]