I went looking for a new twist on chicken Monday night. I didn’t want to roast a whole chicken and I didn’t want to bake plain old chicken breasts. I wanted something spicy and creamy that would be good leftover as well. What I found was a recipe from The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, that […]

Popcorn is 4,000 years old. That amazes me. If someone ever asked me when I thought popcorn was invented, I would probably answer, “In the mid- to late 1800s.” That seems about right. I would have imagined there was probably some Midwestern farmer out on the new frontier who left a few ears of corn […]

Paula Jones of Tupelo, left, is one of five bloggers from the South chosen to spend two days dining and cooking with Patricia “Sister” Schubert Barnes at her home in Andalusia, Alabama. (Courtesy)

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – In the summer of 2011, Paula McTune Jones took home the top honor in Mississippi Magazine’s annual recipe contest. After that, her phone wouldn’t stop ringing. “People would call and ask for my recipes and cooking advice,” Jones said. “I was between part-time jobs at the time, so […]

One of the things I miss most when I’m trying to watch my fat and calorie consumption is sausage. I know processed meat is high in saturated fat and bad, bad, bad for you, but I do love breakfast sausage patties. I can narrow down the best sausage patties I’ve ever eaten to one specific […]

A couple of months ago, I had two assignments in west Tupelo with a lull in between. So I popped into Big Lots to kill a half hour. Now, if I go into a high-end boutique to kill a half hour, I usually come out empty-handed. With no shopping list in mind, it’s easy to […]

I am in the middle of a book tour. This is the 10th time in 12 years I have criss-crossed the state signing books at independent bookstores and gift shops. Since this is a children’s book, I have also been visiting elementary schools and libraries. It has been a blast and I love reading to […]

By Errol Castens Daily Journal OXFORD – Got wine? Whether one is a longtime oenophile looking for some new perspectives or a nervous novice wondering what wine’s supposed to be all about, John Hailman has answers. Hailman, a retired federal prosecutor, has written “The Search for Good Wine: From the Founding Fathers to the Modern […]

Often, I am asked what my favorite food or my favorite meal is. That’s a tough one. I do love fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and butterbeans. But on another day, I might say filet mignon, baked potato and salad. It’s hard to beat twice-baked spaghetti and French bread, but I also have a soft […]

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Chanda Cossit, co-host for Cooking Like the Stars, gets a quick update on cook Jim Goodwin's status as he prepares his appetizer.

By W. Derek Russell Daily Journal TUPELO – The trash-talk was all in good spirits Sunday night in Tupelo. Park Heights hosted the second annual Cooking Like the Stars event, benefiting the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Mississippi. Dr. Louis Britton, Dianne Craig, Jackie Deaton and Jim Goodwin put their best frying pan forward […]